• Description: Touch the orange stars to proceed.
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Adyj | 84/100

Interesting idea, to say the least. I liked the overall theme of a "Star-Catcher" in these one-screen obstacles. Each room had a different theme that was each designed decently well. I can't really give this level too high of a rating though, since the overall level was pretty short. Usually, one-screeners would be puzzle levels, since those can take up much more time. Even without the puzzles, I would have liked a bit more creativity, such as bouncing off of enemies, alternating blocks with On/Off switches, etc. I have heard that a soon-to-come update was going to add more maps, so you may be in luck. Now to review each of the sections.

Maps 1, 2, 3, and 5
Not much here. You just make a few jumps to get to the end. Again, I wished there was a bit more creativity put into these platforming sections, as they don't always have to just be a few big jumps to the end.

Map 4
I'd say I liked this map more than the others, as you had to navigate the scenery to get to a noteblock that leads to the end. Still, the challenges were quite simple. I would have liked something a bit more elevated.

Map 6
Had a bit more going for it because of the firebars, but this map felt really out of place because of the difficulty spike. Maps 1 to 5 were just easy platforming, and then you follow that with quite a difficult end. You probably should have made sure that there was a smoother difficulty curve as the player when through these sections. I get why everybody wanted a CP in this level, since this last section doesn't fit well in terms of difficulty. I'd suggest you either nerf this section or buff the other sections for a smoother difficulty curve.

Final Difficulty: Medium
Final Rating: 84/100

06/26/20 at 10:12 PM

StarTigerrr | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/26/20 at 4:01 AM

MaliDragon2006 | 90/100

Everything was good. The challenges, scenery, and everything. :D But it is a bit hard tough.

06/25/20 at 7:31 PM

superlarrio64 | 95/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/25/20 at 12:45 PM

priyaasthana | 83/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/25/20 at 8:15 AM

deciduu | 86/100

This was a super neat level idea and it was executed well for the most part. Aside from dying a lot, this was a pretty good level!

06/24/20 at 9:39 PM

BetaSalvation | 87/100

Very creative level with a great concept! Each section of the map has appropriate scenery and background and the climb in the challenge difficulty - although having bumpy pacing - is well balanced. Despite those positives, I have to say the issue manifests in the 4th section the scenery blends in too well with the gameplay and the last section is very difficult to pass. Some block placements also make regular jumping difficult, requiring spin jumping instead. The level could also use a checkpoint.

Overall, a very fun level; if the aforementioned issues are amended, then I would've rated this much higher.

06/24/20 at 9:03 PM

Nathan nathan | 89/100

For what it was, it was a good level. It's pretty rare to see One Screen Challenges combined like this, so it was a nice concept. Though there is a problem with that idea, as it was a bit too short. So with that, let's just review.

The scenery was pretty good and creative, some maps could've used a bit more decoration though. Specifically Map 3, Map 4, and Map 6, as they kinda lacked variation. There being no checkpoint was kinda an issue (you'll see why in the challenges). The challenges were pretty decent for just jumping, though the difficulty spike in the last map (Map 6) was a little odd. You could've made Map 5 a tiny bit harder so that it's more progressive. Lastly, the level could've been longer, as these One Screen Challenges weren't enough really. If you had expanded on these ideas (or if there were more maps available in SMC), you would've been getting a better score. In conclusion, this was a good concept. I will give this a rating of 89/100, to be nice. Nice job (Medium) :3

Things that I have took points away for:
Scenery (-2)
No Checkpoint (-2)
Too Short (-3)
Challenges (-2)
Feelings Towards This Level (extra) (-2)

06/24/20 at 7:05 PM

bryanjackson | 81/100

Pretty neat level, and well made for the most part! Tiling is good, I didn't see any cutoffs or other errors. This level definitely prides itself on its design and parkour challenges. There's a lack of enemies and enemy variety (minor flaws), so the challenge is the jumping and platforming. Scenery is good, but the level did feel a little short.

With that said, let's get to the rating!
1. Design/Gameplay: 64/75
a. Scenery: 19/20
b. Tiling: 15/15
c. Space Usage: 10/10
d. Length: 10/15
e. Overall Gameplay: 10/15

2. Enemies: 17/25
a. Placement: 14/15
b. Variety: 1/5
c. Quantity: 2/5

Overall score: 81/100, medium difficulty

06/24/20 at 6:01 PM

qwertyquop | 83/100

Pretty fun level. The scenery looked very nice in each section, which is pretty much all I have to say for scenery. As for gameplay, it was pretty fun, although super short. I did think the last map was a bit more difficult compared to the rest of the level. It got a bit annoying to die on the last map just to go back to the beginning. I just wish this level was longer, but there aren't enough maps for that. I think you should expand on this idea, like instead of one screen challenges, just have each map full of these jump challenges. That would be super fun. Overall, interesting level, but it's really short.

06/24/20 at 2:23 PM

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