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  • Contributors: santixu.copiloto films
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What Others are Saying

DSGP | 15/100

This level is weird in gameplay. The next time try to see each part of the level because in this level I found some parts in that the level apparently was cut.

06/30/20 at 10:43 AM

awesomeness777 | 16/100

ummm interesting level lol.... it lacked scenery, had several cutoffs, and the challenges felt randomly placed (another way of saying that you had a ton of empty space). Also, the challenge at 50x in map 4 was pretty bad since there was no indication of the existence of invisible blocks.

at least I almost enjoyed it :D

06/29/20 at 9:29 PM

tkahun | 17/100

desafios muy poco creativos hay muchos errores en el mosaico falta decorar. eso seria todo...

06/29/20 at 8:20 PM

yolo | 10/100

There are very few challenges, and the challenges that do exist are bland with numerous tiling errors.

06/29/20 at 6:29 PM

XV 15 | 6/100

The first section is very boring because you just run through it. There are many errors related to the scenery. The second section is also not worth attention. There you can also see problems with the scenery. There are also almost no opponents like in the previous section. The third section is simply a very easy stage where you just touch or jump on various entities to press on / off switch which is a good idea but very misused. I didn't like the fact that when you had to hit the on / off switch by jumping and running one could not be pressed and under it was an invisible block. It affects the score very badly because such things should only be in troll levels and the level itself is not of this type. You should learn to create nicer scenery because there are many such errors in your levels. You still need to learn a lot about SMC!

to improve:

nicer scenery;
more opponents;
more interesting challenges;

06/29/20 at 7:41 AM

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