• Description: This is dedicated to adyj for obvious reasons. Enjoy this entirely possible level.
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Nitrogamer | 90/100

This level was very hard. but not bad. I knew you had a poison mushroom addiction but I can clearly see why lol. The pick a pipe stuff and offscreen thwomps would be better if it had indication and didn't feel like low iq trolls. poison mushroom trolls were not very good cause they were obvious. avoided all poison mushroom trolls but somehow got thwomped near a textbox lol. scenery was pretty decent, inconsistent near the beginning but was pretty cool

06/30/20 at 6:31 PM

DSGP | 100/100

Master Piece.

06/30/20 at 11:18 AM

dominic | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/30/20 at 10:41 AM

Adyj | 90/100

A troll level for me? Why thanks.

Tbh, the beginning wasn't good. It was just pick-a-pipe with a hidden thwomp above one of the pipes. Hidden thwomps are best when you're expecting a thwomp not to fall on you (like if you're backtracking to a place you "knew" didn't have a thwomp). Poison mush troll was weird, since you usually expect the beginning to be a safe zone. The thwomp had a nice slow-down setup with the water, but that's about it.

Arrows and P-Switches
The initial entrance to this room had a think fast troll, which was effective, and used the thwomp from the previous room well, though I still didn't like that thwomp, and would prefer a different kill room instead. THe water was also good, as it tricks you into waiting for a muncher blockade. Didn't fall for it the first few times, but was still pretty good. Then a P-switch timer countdown making me impatient enough to not check where I was was jumping and died cuz another P-switch got hit. Good troll, though I wish I didn't have to wait here.

Textbox and Thwomps
Next was a textbox blocking my view for a thwomp. I just jumped in a panic lel. The pokey got me pretty good, especially since I didn't think I'd fall into the lava here for some reason. Poison mush troll here was pretty obvious, as there were glass blocks here. Going down into the rolling spike, I didn't expect the "falling" spike to line up to Mario so perfectly, so good job here, even though the spike eventually created a cutoff. However, I did discover a cheese where you abuse LB's broken slopes to go over the top of the level here to the CP.

CP Room
The intended route had a poison mush troll that honestly didn't work really well. Then a generic bouncing munchers troll, followed by a surprise thwomp under the On/Off switch (good troll, since I didn't expect it there with the death blocks as well). After this you reveal a "C", probably telling me to spin too late, facepalm (in a good way). After this is pick-a-path, which isn't the best troll I've seen here.

Final Section
And it's about to end. That P-switch troll ended up getting me quite good. The mole, not so much. A jump later is a surprise thwomp, not the best. The ending troll would be good if I fell for it, but the previous section left me in a panic, so I would not have went under the death blocks, like a calm person would have.

Final Difficulty: Hard
Final Rating: 90/100

Now time to make you a level, maybe.

06/29/20 at 7:05 PM

Vencedor | 100/100

;) ;))

06/29/20 at 5:27 PM

qwertyquop | 90/100

Well, first off, XV 15, the level is possible to beat. That aside, I don't really have any experiences with troll levels, so this was a bit new for me. The trolls were pretty good. A few of them got me, and it gave me a good chuckle, like the beginning with the left pipe and the second p-switch at x17. Unfortunately, this level is super short. If you know what to do, you can get through the level fairly quickly. Overall, very interesting.

06/29/20 at 1:19 PM

GammaRaul | 100/100

This is hard but possible.
I like the trolls and the puzzles you have to decipher with them.
This is a nice troll level.

06/29/20 at 1:19 PM

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