• Description: In this level there are 2 endings the original and a secret one (if you want more adventure look for it ", Luck :D
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What Others are Saying

IlyasElgourcifi | 20/100

Did you made this level a stupidest and jagged come'on, I going to explain some bad things

1. agree with everyone, the level was not bad, and this couldnt happen either, because this bland that the user awesomeness777 sayed to him, but the level has obstacles and flipswapping ON OFF Switch, Koopa shells should not approve with messy things, thats what I call snowy in Flipswap.

2. I should never approve, its inappropriate and trash, thats happening to you, because you made some chock and every disgusting level should be rated never make inappropriate levels due to Flipswappin... and there always a Carl box from video showed from DGR, thats lame...

3. Scenerise are too bad however, you're not making good sceneries that offers the level to complete it for cheese, and challenges and more...

4. The Gamplay is boring because this one havn't to be refilled with beeswarning, this is the sake of gods and lorties 😠, yo should use Xbox for appropriate gameplays

5. this design has completetly a mess, because the level has needed to be refilled with trash and you should get that.

6. Overall this level is digusting 🤢, I hate it because you should not akware with levels and stuff 🎮. so I've gonna put that to disgust, using Carl Box, and stuff! using from XBOX!

20.66% (Crappy)

07/01/20 at 6:29 AM

txlu_456 | 75/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/30/20 at 1:20 PM

awesomeness777 | 50/100

This level wasn't bad, but it was very bland which is kinda bad xD

The challenges consisted of blandly placed enemies in a generic snow world. There were also some obstacle challenges, like at 147x and 175x. That was good, but those challenges were still bland.

Instead of just having enemies walking on the ground, maybe you can have flying enemies, or enemies that you have to dodge rather than kill (like chucks or spinies)

The tiling for this level was good and there also was a variety which I liked. You could've used the slippery ice tiling in a challenge to make the level more interesting, though.

The scenery was pretty lacking, but at least it was there. Putting scenery in pits (like trees growing from them) would be a good idea.

Lastly, the secret exit required no challenge to reach and had no challenge in it. Having a secret area just for the sake of it existing is kinda lame tbh :/

Overall, a bland level but it wasn't really *bad*

Difficulty: Easy

Btw, be careful with how you use cape feathers. I could fly over the last challenge because of it (though it wasn't a big deal here since it was at the end of the level.)

06/29/20 at 9:38 PM

JetWing34 | 55/100

This level is nothing really to write home about other than the gameplay felt too generic. In a winter-themed level, you have to come with terrific and unique challenges that involve the snowman pokeys or some kind of challenge where you talk to snowmen. Something like that.

I didn't like how you added a lame second map just to create an alternate exit. I would have personally did a key backtrack and put it into a keyhole, but it's your level; not mine.

PLEASE, try your darn best not to create bland levels like this. We need you to stick around and build high-quality levels, and playing some Gold levels such as those from Seven and LazorCozmic will help you as a guideline and a learning curve.

My rate is 55 out of 100

06/29/20 at 8:23 PM

tkahun | 70/100

el nivel no tuvo mucho en especial pero en su mayoria me gusto es un nivel facil y distinto a otros niveles

06/29/20 at 7:47 PM

yolo | 50/100

There wasn't actually much IN the level to give many points for. It was bland but relaxing in a way.

06/29/20 at 6:37 PM

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