• Description: This is the first level of Super Marco World (Actually this isn't the first level but whatever).
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jbox | 40/100

I'm sorry, but this is too hard for a world 1 level. Try lowering the difficulty level to fit the level's place in your smc super world.

07/08/20 at 12:03 PM

mandrut2003 | 51/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/07/20 at 3:46 PM

IlyasElgourcifi | 35/100

I am sorry but due to reaquest and staff, I am not rating this level too fall, I am look like in hell? What are you doing fix theses issue and crappy stuff with rainbows that talks from Jetwing34, agree with him =_=

this stuff is not suspectable and refriked and stuff, I am so mad everyone just trying to get the level homosphier, The temple is not susectable due to mixed up background and invisible teleportation, I am not trying to investigate the level good, but NOT very suspicious, I have NOT trying to give you gold that Jetwing Said so, those it talks abounts to get the level crappy, level is messy

35,01% (Messy)

07/06/20 at 8:24 AM

JetWing34 | 35/100

Okay, I won't lie about this level, but there are some unpredictable feelings about this level. The first level of Super Marco World has a lot of mixed feelings, and heading into the level itself, you have a lot of emptiness for one part of the level, and some that are well-created.

Well, yeah, let's say that x64 took me minutes to squeeze past the Wall of Death. And after that? I noticed rainbow tiles in a fire/volcano map. That doesn't compute!

Some other things I didn't like about the level are the monster overloads the first time you come to Map 2, and there were warp types that teleport randomly. Why are you doing that when you could easily use pipes. Much easier than random teleport warps.

A level that doesn't make total sense needs drastic improvements. Play some Gold or Silver levels to get a better idea of how levels are done right.

My rate is 35 out of 100.

07/05/20 at 3:12 PM

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