• Description: My first SMC level! Please rate, review, and add me if you haven't. Enjoy the level!
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What Others are Saying

wilserkormak | 85/100

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07/11/20 at 11:00 PM

JetWing34 | 80/100

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07/10/20 at 9:03 PM

SANTIXU | 100/100

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07/10/20 at 3:05 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 80/100

I agree with the mole usage and general shortage in length. Otherwise decent level, idc if the music is unfitting I liked it.

07/08/20 at 5:45 AM

Adyj | 78/100

Congrats on your first SMC lvl. Now, let's review.

The overall aesthetics of this level was decent, though putting the plant over the skull at the beginning peeved me. I liked the amount of ground decoration you've put and you had a nice background and theme for the level. However, it wasn't really that mindblowing, as it got repetitive after a while. I didn't really see much variety in your design and thus, it just got kinda boring, and I kinda just wished it wasn't just so monocolor everywhere. Try to vary it a little more next time. As for Map 2, I definitely would have liked more here, as it was just cave walls and nothing else.

Gameplay wasn't that good, tbh. You start off with a bone to the face, and although you're given time to react, the beginning should be a safe zone, really. After that's a mushroom in a block, with a red coin challenge for a mushroom, kinda redundant. After that's some classic gameplay, the piranha under the spikes was a waiting challenge. You can bonus zone here for some extra coins, though this bonus isn't really satisfying. Next, you had some decent gameplay with the rotating platform over the oil spill, another piranha and another mole, and a thing to spinjump off of. Then back to some basic stuff, with of course, three moles here, moles starting to get repetitive. Then another piranha, and yet another mole, before the cp.

Checkpoint! After this is some nice platforming, though I'd advise you to raise the ceiling here, so Mario doesn't bonk his head. Then it's just a chuck with four MORE moles before the end. Kinda short second section, so CP here isn't really needed. Overall, some parts were good, but I want a bit more action, even in a level representing a desolate oil spill such as this one.

Final Difficulty: Easy
Final Rating: 78/100

Try to vary the level more next time. Even adding a darkness overlay makes stuff much less boring (though maybe not this level).

07/07/20 at 5:54 PM

NESFilipGamer | 88/100

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07/07/20 at 9:25 AM

LuigiXD/_29 | 85/100

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07/06/20 at 7:18 PM

awesomeness777 | 81/100

This level was fun and it looked good.

Unfortunately, the mole placements got a bit repetitive and the level was pretty short (checkpoint was unnecessary because of that.)

Difficulty: Easy, because of shortness. Would've been medium if it was longer.

07/06/20 at 4:57 PM

XV 15 | 100/100

Good level!

07/06/20 at 4:39 PM

MDCentral2_5 | 100/100

pretty cool fix the music please buy otherwise the ceanery was excellent but to many enemies and it was ya to hard Diffuculty: extreme

07/06/20 at 4:35 PM

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