• Description: Finally, I decided to upload a clear vid:

    This is a short memory-based story level of a guy who has, due to unfortunate events, has an earlier end to his timeline. He still lives, but what would be left of him and his wife?

    This is the first time I've tried a normal, non-puzzle non-troll level in a while (ignoring my Immune to Spikes level), so I'd like your feedback. Depending on what you guys say, I'll either delete this with an improved version or leave it as is.

    Anyways, couple of things to note here:

    1) If the P-switch music destroys the forest atmosphere too much for you, use this link for YT music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUmmCDyB0EI Note that the end has different music, which if needed, can be found here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGHEe-dS8R0 Remember to put the songs on loop so they don't end midway through your playthrough.

    2) This is a story level. Therefore, I highly recommend that you read ALL of the textboxes you can to get the entire story. Otherwise, skipping some of the textboxes may make the other ones confusing.

    3) Any textbox that is blocked off from the bottom will most likely be accessible while you backtrack. As the title suggests, this is also a backtracking level.

    4) Please do not rate down too much for a lack of reset warps. The setups with this level require that nothing be reset, otherwise the entire level could break because of the On/Off switch statuses. Yes, I know that this is not ideal, and I'm sorry, but it is what it is, unfortunately. I tried to make the puzzles relatively straightforward because of the lack of reset warps.

    5) One of the yellow switch blocks has a mushroom. Which one? The only one you can hit from below. This mushroom should be grabbed on the backtrack. I couldn't find a way to get a proper indicator of this, so I'm putting it here.

    6) Hopefully, it's not as boring as the title suggests.

    Update: Made the key jump during the backtrack not as stupid.

    Update 2: Bricks now push munchers through solid ground, so I put stone blocks in L2 to fix that.

    Update 3: Poison water does not destroy bobombs anymore, so I replaced it.

    Update 4: Made stuff work in this update, as well as lowered the pitch of the music at the end as to not accidentally copyright somebody.

    Update 5: Minor things to make the level better (of course, I'm not expecting anyone who've already rated my level to rerate it. I just wanted to improve it cuz why not).
  • Contributors: [Thumbnail] Self-Created using Google Drawings [Map 1 BG] OT's BG website [Map 2 BG] Self-created [Map 1 Music] Sacred Somnom Woods Theme Music - Mario and Luigi Dream Team [Map 2 Music] Remembrance (Autumn Song) by Ernesto Cortazar
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What Others are Saying

Progamer5gmaker1 | 96/100

had, but fun.

09/26/20 at 4:54 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 98/100

Backtracking at its finest. From the glow overlay, to the perfect music choice (Sacred Womnom Soods) and item usage, this level is everything and then some. The changes in layout as you retrace your steps works really well hand in hand in adding a whole new dynamic to the level. Visuals are pretty good also, I'd tile this differently as it technically still is a cutoff.

Alternative title: "Brainless Barry's Brilliant Backtracking"

08/03/20 at 3:04 PM

Orangetack | 90/100

This is a really nice level that is more clever when you backtrack through it. The way the same objects and challenges double up as additional functions on the way back is exactly the kind of thing I want to see in a backtrack level, but something that you too rarely see in levels. There are a couple individual parts that were rather annoying in execution, like x50 where you have to be so precise when throwing the springboard upwards. Extending the bridge to the left by one tile and removing one tile of ceiling above the bomb would have solved this, making the challenge much less frustrating without removing the puzzle aspect of it (imo).

The visuals are pretty good but a bit of an eyesore at times, things like the bush at x115 looked a bit weird. It looked a bit haphazardly put together.

Overall, nice story level that was mostly fun to play.

07/23/20 at 2:31 PM

Nathan nathan | 97/100

For a backtracking story level, it was pretty impressive. The story was well-written and amusing to go through. There were still some minor issues though. Now with that, let's backtrack into reviewing!

The scenery was good for the most part, but there could've been more. It seems that you payed more attention to inside scenery than outside scenery. Not to mention, the scenery was repetitive. The tree bark tiling wasn't the greatest as you only used the first 2 tiles for one, and then the next 2 for another. If you tiled it like how its shown in SMC (alternating between the 2/4 tiles), it would've looked better.

The challenges (or setups) were pretty good. There could be a few more enemies at places such as 43X, at 99X, and at the end of Map 1. The enemy placement was pretty decent and well done. In conclusion, this was a pretty good level. I will give it a rating of 97/100. Good job, and I feel like the difficulty is kinda an easy-hard. (Hard) :3

Things that I have took points away for:
Scenery (including the tree bark tiling) (-2)
Challenges (-1)

07/22/20 at 8:26 PM

NESFilipGamer | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/20/20 at 1:32 PM

Toastygamez | 100/100

The story is great.

07/15/20 at 6:14 PM

Mr Chocolate Donut | 100/100

So Good Men
All is good I love THIS.

07/13/20 at 9:06 PM

Drostalun | 99/100

Absolutely marvelous level, had lots of fun, and though it was long, its sufficiently entertaining with the story, the atmosphere, everything, i must say every single aspect of this level was perfect in my opinion, the only small tiny complaint i have is the mole with the bomb, it can kill pretty easily as its a small space and is annoying, and i dont know what the purpose was, but that's a small nitpick, had lots of fun, great level! :)

07/13/20 at 8:19 AM

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