• Description: World 1 : Forever Forest

    A plant filled forest
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What Others are Saying

Spiny64 | 100/100

I Found the first digit

09/04/21 at 1:52 PM

Nathan nathan | 95/100

To be fair, this is a pretty decent level. It could've been better though, as it didn't seem that easy (about medium difficulty) for 1-2. I won't take points off for this though, I'm just sayin'. Anyways, let's get into reviewing!

The scenery was good although some parts lacked (sorta) more than others. The beginning (0X), 36X, 79X through 83X, the section with the colorful pipes (119X - 123X), 131X, 17X at Map 2, 47X - 61X, 92X, 119X, 140X, 166X, the end of Map 2, maybe the beginning of Map 4, and Map 5 were examples of this. I agree with LC on the floral bushes, as the flowers make the bushes not so appealing at times. Speaking of which, at 119 - 123X (Map 1), the pipes were a bit too colorful for my taste. I suggest using only using green, yellow, and shades of orange.

The challenges weren't that good as some enemies were overused. Munchers and Piranha Plants (including the jumping Piranha Plants that shoot fireballs), for instance. Goombas (including their variants like Goombrats and Galoombas) and Buzzy Beetles were a bit repetitive as well. The enemy placement wasn't that good either, as some (of the same) enemies were too close together. As I mentioned earlier, the level was decent. I'll give this a rating of 95/100. Could've been better, but nice job dude. (Medium) :3

Things that I've took points away for:
Lack of Scenery (-3)
Pipe Colors (-1)
Repetitve/Spammed Challenges (-3)
Enemy Placement (-3)
Feelings Toward This level (extra) (+5)

08/08/20 at 2:11 PM

robinarensgamer | 100/100

👍👍👍**very well done!**

08/05/20 at 2:40 PM

adam02oc | 97/100

What a level! This was definitely an instant favorite.
Aesthetic was nothing short of amazing. The scenery was perfectly balanced in terms of variety and amount, and the atmosphere it created with the background and music was perfect.
The gameplay was also spectacular. There were some minor issues I had (see below), but overall this was a very enjoyable experience. The use of Dragon Coins was also a great idea and was well implemented. I especially liked the shell retrieval challenge, very creative.
Issues I had:

* Muncher Plants got a bit much at times. Cavalcades of fireballs would sometimes fill the screen and there wasn't too much I could do to avoid them.
* Charging Chuck at X 138, Map 1 was a bit out of nowhere.
* Layering error with Piranha Plant at X 28, Map 2. Just make sure the roof tiles above it are in L2.

To summarise:

LEVEL'S APPEARANCE (Scenery, Colour Scheme, Decor, etc.): Perfect. [10/10]

LEVEL'S FUNCTIONALITY (Does everything have a purpose, are there softlocks? etc.): Also perfect. [10/10]

LEVEL'S AESTHETIC (Does the level follow a consistent theme? Is it immersive/atmospheric? Music/Background?): Also also perfect. [10/10]

LEVEL'S FUN (Longevity, Enjoyment, Fair or Unfair, etc.): Fire Muncher Plants were a bit too abundant. Charging Chuck was a tad unfair. Other than that, an immensely fun level to play through! [9.5/10]

LEVEL ORIGINALITY (Any creative, unique or original ideas? Is the level forgettable or rememberable?): Some very creative and memorable moments. [9/10]

GRAND TOTAL: 48.5/50

08/05/20 at 8:18 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 98/100

Quite the forest level you got here. I'll admit I was a bit annoyed with some of the muncher enemies. They can be repetitive at times, and I often find myself inevitably getting hit by the ones throwing fireballs. The visual side however, was flawlessly put together. My only nitpick was some of the bushes had too many flowers cluttered onto them thus tainting their appearance slightly. But everything else was fantastic though. If this doesn't illustrate the ideal forest aesthetic, then I don't know what does.

08/02/20 at 3:57 PM

kowalski | 100/100

I haven't seen a level this well designed in a long time this level was amazing.

08/02/20 at 10:15 AM

mandrut2003 | 97/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/02/20 at 7:13 AM

deciduu | 100/100

This was a pretty amazing level! There's a lot of things I like this level, and what I like most is the theme, and the challenges that were presented here. It was well-paced, and it was fun enough to keep me immersed! The many ways you used the enemies is pretty clever, and some of the areas for the Yoshi Coins are pretty cool! I also liked what you did at the end- which honestly was a really neat thing. I honestly don't have any complaints here!

08/02/20 at 6:47 AM

MarioConstructor | 95/100

This is amazing level.
Everything is good.
Some spot are little bit easy.
But overall is great.
Final Score 95/100(Amazing)

08/02/20 at 3:15 AM

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