• Description: porfin llegaste al templo y te encuentras con un pobre toad asustado por bowser y sus secuaces
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What Others are Saying

LY_MCon | 85/100

Este templo es muy fascinante. Pero el nivel es fácil. Bien nivel.

08/04/20 at 10:38 PM

ben123 | 99/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/04/20 at 12:07 PM

MarioConstructor | 65/100

Some of obstacles are too easy.
The decoration was very bad.
Too many Checkpoints (3 in this level).
And you have infinite lives in this level.
Final Score 65/100 (Okay)

07/31/20 at 5:39 AM

turkishman1451 | 65/100

the level is bad this would be better if the speedrun level was poor decoration
you don't have to use everything big to make a temple part


07/30/20 at 9:47 AM

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