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TheTroll73 | 90/100

This level is probably better without the dragon coins (ugh levels where people don't know how to place dragon coins are back, everyone)

The visuals are fine, I guess, although you used a bit too many grey blocks next to each other.

The level was fun, so have a 90.

07/31/20 at 1:24 AM

yolo | 80/100

AAAAAYYYYY you're back.

agree with adjy entirely on the visuals and on this account:

'Dragon coin 1 was honestly easier than the normal route, so placement for this wasn't the best'

I acc liked the time, it was tight due to the dragon coins. Anyway, the shell jump could be cheesed by a normal spin jump after hitting the ON/OFF switch. I really tdo think the dolphin one-way idea was inspired.

Huh, a kaizo concept speedrunner troll dabbler, and a concept & troll level designer with a new kaizo designer rating the same kaizo level. Huh, all we need now is well, troll73

07/29/20 at 5:57 PM

Adyj | 88/100

Was wondering when you'd make another one.

The visuals is your typical enn style visuals, with the typical stone blocks and such. I did find some of this level, especially the ending a bit on the messier side, with all of the coins scattered about. They were just jumping on blocks, so you really didn't need all of those coin indicators. Same goes with stuff like the donut at X:125. This kind of gameplay has become common enough such that you don't really need the coin trail, and it just makes the level look more scattered than it needs to be. Try to find a balance between too many and too few indicators. The stone blocks and death blocks were also not very necessary because of the brick P blocks, and falling into the water would doom you anyways. Taking these out allows for some more visual clarity in your level.

I'd also like to point out the cutoff at X:174 (not visible in the editor, because editor is kinda jank). You don't need that One-Way gate behind the sand blocks, so it's best you just take it out.

As usual, the gameplay was a strong suit of this level until the end (more on that later). You start off with some simple, but fun dolphin platforming then to spinjump on a spiky ball. The death block jump here didn't need to be as tight as it was, but no biggie. Then a smooth transition from On/Off to shell, giving a mushroom as well, good job. Dragon coin 1 was honestly easier than the normal route, so placement for this wasn't the best. Then another shell section bouncing on koopas and using he mushroom before the first CP.

CP! Good placement, as usual. Now for a shell+On/Off section, which had very good arrow indicators. Then more of your typical kaizo until the P-switch section, which honestly wasn't the best, as it was just jumping on blocks, with a really easy Dragon coins 2 and 3, since the P-switch timer wasn't that tight. It had a good shell bounce in there though. I would have preferred a tighter timer and speedier, but of course not very precise section, instead of timing the P-switch in the end, which I didn't like. Got the ending timing through luck here.

Final Difficulty: Hard
Final Rating: 88/100

Looked a bit cluttered at times, and didn't like the P-switch timing. All else was fun.

07/29/20 at 4:20 PM

brogameryt | 100/100

ive been waiting for a very long time for this. keep it up! great scenery but game-play is more important. nice!

07/29/20 at 2:29 PM

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