• Description: People said they wanted longer levels from me, so I put my skills to the test, and created the longest lever I have ever made. Eight elements, nine maps. If you find anything wrong with the level, let me know, and I will fix it.

    Mario has decided to become a mage, but first, Mario must familiarize himself with the elements...
  • Contributors: Thanks to my little brother, who doesn't give a darn what I do with my free time, for the inspiration for map 6
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What Others are Saying

Mr Chocolate Donut | 100/100

I feel like the avatar aang so...
How was the level? NOICE
DIfficulty: For me very hard

09/17/20 at 11:07 PM

da_noob8games | 100/100

how is this level still pending? it's amazing!

09/15/20 at 10:33 PM

mandrut2003 | 91/100

This user did not provide a review.

09/15/20 at 1:28 PM

kowalski | 94/100

This level is really good, but it's really long so there's a lot of lag. You should try to shorten your levels.

09/14/20 at 8:29 PM

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