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Mesopotamia | 60/100

This isn't a very enjoyable experience. The level often demands you to take it slow and steady, or you will be struck by a podoboo, fireball or fire bar coming out of nowhere, which was frustrating and also inconsistent. You had some great ideas here, but the challenges were both hit and miss - there are some really good ones but also many weak ones. The Dragon Coins offered arguably the best gameplay the level had to offer, but the gameplay of most of the other parts was pretty lazy and repetitive.

Starting off with a simple firebar on a chandelier challenge, that was fine. After which, the next part had firebars randomly placed just for the sake of having some enemies, which can easily catch one off-guard if not paying attention. Followed by a very long hallway of simple thwomps, fireballs and bone enemies, which was a filler way to make the level longer.

After that, you'll get to the next part with a long chandelier over lava, with once again, fireballs placed too randomly, some podoboo's which can catch someone off guard, and a long firebar with no indication it was there. Then, you put down an actually neat dragon coin challenge, a simple Thwimp, and you provided the checkpoint.

After the checkpoint, things got quite hectic and actually good with the chandelier over lava challenge. However, after which, the level design became lazy once again - the rest of the level had very minimal effort from the challenges except for the dragon coin challenge at the boss door. The last 2 challenges had lazily-placed, simple enemies followed by another catching off-guard fest with Podoboo's and fireballs. And then the boss fight had a lazy twist to keep things interesting.

Visually, it's pretty decent but a lot more scenery would go a long way.

A bit mixed overall.

08/03/20 at 11:43 AM

Mariobrigade2018 | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/02/20 at 5:24 PM

Ernesto555 | 90/100

Me encanta el nivel y su decoracion pero hay partes en las que facil puedo hacer trampa por eso 90/100

07/31/20 at 1:44 PM

MarioConstructor | 80/100

Good level.
Some of the fireballs are hard to pass.
And the Chandeliers are good.
But Boom Boom was too easy to beat.
You can fix too easy Boom Boom by increase it's HP.
(Boom Boom in your level has 3 HP, so you should change HP to 5 or higher.)
Final Score 80/100 (Good)

07/31/20 at 5:18 AM

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