• Description: Mario vs The Clock. Who wins?
  • Contributors: I'm inspired on a level of SMM2. Whatever, creator: Vencedor
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What Others are Saying

Tashant | 100/100

Magnifico musica jugabilidad en verdad te luciste con este nivel sin palabras literamente no teno nada que decir solo la puntuacion final es que boca abierta:

Dificultad: medio
Puntuacion: 100/100 clarisimamente

08/10/20 at 1:35 PM

kowalski | 80/100

The concept was original and well thought out. I think you executed it the best that u possibly could on this game.

08/02/20 at 10:24 AM

SANTIXU | 100/100

Que buen idea

08/01/20 at 9:32 AM

MarioConstructor | 65/100

Umm... It's a good Speedrun level idea.
But the level design is not very good. (only bricks and empty boxes?)
The first long is long but no enemies.
The goal is little bit weird.
Final Score: 65/100 (Okay)

08/01/20 at 8:58 AM

Skopler | 60/100

Having to race against the clock is something I didn't know was possible in this game, it certainly added originality to it. Yet I noticed some flaws:
1. While not too important, design could've been better. Mixing castle design with tree design is odd. The goal at the end leaves a weird look to the grass design.
2. The difficulty is inconsistent, some rooms feel hard and are unforgiving to the slightest mistakes, others condone them.
3. I'm unsure of what happens on the fourth room. The clock moves faster than in other rooms, but there's only shaking effect and nothing else.
4. It's annoying how there's almost inmediate death when you respawn after dying on the boss room.
5. On the boss room, I don't know if I'm doing what I'm supposed to, but I can right away jump on his head and keep pressing C until he's defeated. All other additions seem pointless.
6. The first room introducing the title is cool, but also annoyingly long

07/31/20 at 5:30 PM

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