• Description: A collection of Boss Fights Back-to-Back. Remember to read all the signs/textboxes. Also there is a glitch were sometimes the two dolphins in the skull raft challenge don't reverse softlocking you.
    My final level from the series. Idk why I thought a Boss Rush would make sense so early in the series or why I suddenly got motivated to continue this. The bosses aren't anything too special but I'm quite proud of how this came out. Also, the hard difficulty comes from the 2nd King Boo fight.

    Note: Don't rate down because you can't beat it or it lags for you. That's because of your skill or hardware. However, difficulty curve is something to be considered in your rate and if you thought it needs improvement, mention it in your rate.
  • Contributors: Music: Nintendo Playtester: MarioConstructor https://www.levelpalace.com/profile?user=MarioConstructor Forest and Dark forest cbgs: https://www.supermariobrosx.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=18836
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xavier | 100/100


01/30/21 at 4:52 PM

francy Y | 100/100

beautiful level, it reminds me a lot of my boom boom rush series, you have been able to interpret my choreography, even better, in the first boss I would have liked if boom boom was a little bit faster, but since it is the first boss I can fly over, maybe the warps i would put them lower to simulate the fall, the second boss was very nice, reminds me of the final boss of boom boom rush 2, you have to throw rainbow blocks at boom boom avoiding slow bullet bills, great challenge, it is me also liked the addition of king boo within the level, his bosses are also very creative :)
nice invisible blocks before the bosses ;)
also the bowser fight was awesome


01/24/21 at 9:57 AM

babayaga0504 | 95/100

these are some pretty awesome boss fights. it's hard to really pick out a favorite because they were all unique in their own way. though for the ice castle it would make more sense if you had him warp down an open pit instead of into the ice lava. there could be more checkpoints as well specially one for the Bowser finale

01/23/21 at 7:47 PM

NotSoCubic | 100/100

This was very cool!

I like the challenge of the different boss battles for each map! This was very cool! I only was able to get up to the fourth boss and that was it.

It was super nice! Not one cut-off spotted! Good job with that!

This is a very nice tune for the level! It's just perfect for the hub!

I enjoyed this level a lot! Very good job!

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01/23/21 at 6:56 PM

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