• Description: On their journey to find the princess, Mario finds a kingdom being taken over by Bowser's minions and heads to the rescue. Remember to read the textboxes and signs. Bonus Challenge: Find the hidden 3-ups moons scattered across the level.
    This was another old WIP level I had which I've been procrastinating with a lot. I'm not as proud as this one as I could be but it still came out quite well especially the Grrolly section and boss fight. If you're wondering where 1-3 is, I haven't gotten much inspiration to make it or continue the series so you can expect other levels from me. Also, Koogy is a mix of Koopy and Loogy so if you're reading this KoopyLoogy umm ... hi

    Bonus Level:
    I made this short Nintendo-esque level. It's not good enough to be an actual level and I literally made it in an hour but if you like short and sweet levels you might want to try it out.
    Link: https://pastebin.pl/view/da892c6a

    Note: This level is 100% possible to beat with or without damage-boosting. Do not rate down for lag, difficulty or if you can't beat it. Finally, I'd really appreciate if in your rate you could give actual criticism. Just 1 or 2 sentences about what you liked and didn't.
  • Contributors: MarioConstructor(https://www.levelpalace.com/profile?user_id=4866) for Playtesting Nintendo for Music
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ajsansr | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

03/08/21 at 11:58 AM

NotSoCubic | 95/100

Oh my god such a cool level dude I love this!

It was nice and easy for a castle level, and I havta say, I actually laughed a little bit with the Among Us reference XD

Boss fight was so epic I loved it!

It's a bit too overdecorated but it was still nice!

I love the epic music for the level and for each of the maps!

Overdecoration: -0.5

Don't put too many decorations in your levels please...

[Final Rating]
9.5/10 (Excellent)
Difficulty: Hard

Here's your 10th rate :)
I didn't finish the level but I'm happy I at least got to play it :)

01/15/21 at 3:47 PM

3mmyco0l9 | 100/100

Wow this level is one of the best levels I've seen in a while!

[Gameplay & Challenge]
The gameplay was awesome and I loved the music! The challenge was pretty hard at the castle but you gave us power-ups.

*Challenge: (-0)
*Gameplay: (-0)
*Total Points Taken Away(Gameplay & Challenge): (-0)

Nothing to say about this except its perfection. Either your level is blessed or your a god yourself like seriously this decoration is amazing.

*Decoration: (-0)
*Theme of Decoration: (-0)
*Total Points Taken Away(Scenery): (-0)

Of course with all the good stuff so far, this would be fun right? Yep, it is! Thanks for making me not bored again.

*Fun: (-0)
*Total Points Taken Away(Enjoyment): (-0)

[Final Tips]
No tips, this level was perfect.

*Total Score: 100/100 (Great)

*Difficulty: Hard

01/13/21 at 9:47 AM

ashley2009 | 100/100

Great level!

For the bonus, im gonna rate a 100/100

12/13/20 at 4:27 PM

MarioConstructor | 92/100

Cool, I just accidentally hit "x" and close a tab while rating this level.
Since you requested your level's playtester to rate a level, Auto 1/100
Nah, I was just kidding.
Start with some intro maps. No any problems here.
[King Koogy's Castle (Map 1)]
This is the largest map in this level and it took some times to load. This map has some nice challenges. But you can cheese a challenge at X:51 by use an iceblock from freezing bony beetle or koopa shell with ice fireball.
Difficult : Leaning Hard
[Dungeon of Grrolls (Map 7)]
Start with some "grrolls x podoboos" challenge, then continued with grrolls control challenge and grrolls race challenge. These challenges was very annoying because if you failed, you get softlocked. These challenges will make players lose many lives because it's extremely hard to pass in a first try (or 2,3,4,5 try).
Difficult : Hard
[Boss fight (Map 9)]
From playtesting feedback, you didn't remove this 3-ups moon? : (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/763359312017358878/778563590445596672/Screenshot_2020-11-18_171324.png). This make you can get 3-ups moon over and over every times you died. And it make you have infinite lives in boss fight. Boss fight is interesting, but you can get softlock if you don't press a blue switch palace before a brown switch's duration run out. But this isn't your fault.
Difficult : Medium
[Level design]
The level design is very nice. But hidden 3-ups moon box in Map 8 create a cutoff : (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/763359312017358878/778568945384816640/Screenshot_2020-11-18_172226.png)

Final Score : 92/100 (Great)
Overall Difficult : Leaning Hard

*Cheese in Map 1. (-1)
*Dungeon of Grrolls (Map 7) challenges is very annoying with a "softlock if you failed" rule. (-5)
*Cutoff in Map 8. (-1)
*3-ups moon in Map 8 is close to checkpoint spawn point, cause you can get it over and over every times you died. (-1)
*Requested playtester to rate a level. (-99) , nah jk.

Small areas with no roof for castle theme isn't a mistake.

Note : Issues in italic has no points deduction.

11/18/20 at 5:43 AM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

I really liked this level! The design choices, the text and the gameplay were all really good. There's some parts of the story which I didn't understand perfectly, but I assume I'd need to play the previous levels of the series to understand their context, tho I can't rly do that yet because I'm busy and plus I'm already rating this level so it's too late.

Anyways, the design in all areas looked really good, not being excessive on visuals but not being scenery-lacking either, making it just the right amount of design. All the areas looked really nice and that is always good.

Challenge-wise, it was also very fun and creative, specially with all the amount of on/off block shenanigans found in the castle section. Only complain maybe is about the scene where you fall from the airship, since it's not perfectly clear that you have to fall, because one could think that you're meant to wait until you see ground or something (which would be really cool too actually, but I'm not sure if it's possible in the current state of the game). Though I still like the idea, so I won't rate down for it.

To summarize it all up, I like it! It's really good for a world 1 castle level. I missed a lot of the context because I haven't played the previous levels sadly, but even without the context, I really enjoyed it! I'll give it a 100% rate and a medium difficulty rate. Nice job!

11/14/20 at 8:29 PM

NESFilipGamer | 85/100

This level is really great and it seems you put a lot of effort into it, so, let's get into the review, shall we?

Map 1 was really good with good challenges and good scenery, the chuck challenge was quite tight, but it was still good. However, there is flaws. (Map 6, the top bit near the pipe) X:20 Y:0 (Map 6, the pipe area) and X:40 Y:0 (Map 6), all these 3 areas I pointed out have no roof at all, Castles, Caves, Ghost Houses and Underwater levels should have a roof on top of them at all costs, all the top should be covered. Also, there is another flaw, the (Map 1) X:39 Y:15 challenge can be cheesed if you just freeze a koopa shell with the ice flower. The Map 9 boss fight was well done to be honest. Thanks for fixing some of the flaws I pointed out.

A great level but it did have flaws, here are the flaws:
3 Areas of the level have no roof (-3, -1 for each area)
Cheese (-1)

A 96/100, impressive level.

Rating: 96/100
Difficulty: Medium


11/08/20 at 3:59 PM

kowalski | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

11/08/20 at 2:59 AM

PrzemekXD | 100/100

Here's the first non-spanish review you've been looking for! First of all, I gotta admit it was really hard as 1-4 level. I'm kinda worried how the further levels will look like. I couldn't beat map 6 without getting any damage but I guess that's because of my laziness. It took me a lot of time to beat this level but I didn't want to stop, it was just too good. The challenges were very creative, especially whole map 7. However, I doubt it's possible to beat this part in less than 2-3 tries unless you check it in editor first. The scenery was also good, everything fitted well. This is how a flawless level looks like. 100/100 and added to favourites! :D

11/07/20 at 5:48 PM

Ninjaspinner | 100/100

el nivel fue bueno y dificil

11/07/20 at 2:33 PM

tkahun | 100/100

el nivel es muy bueno me agrado tiene buen detalle y no esta mal es simplemente perfecto buen trabajo :)

11/07/20 at 2:00 PM

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