• Description: OMG sorry for the wait you all. First, I was planning to make a level called Sm32: twisted tower, which i abandoned because it got old quick. And for this level, i just lost interest most of the time due to my Hiatus.
    But this time, I will be doing clues for the stars.

    Under the Pyramid- Simple, just grab the spring and use it to get over the ledge.

    Under the Ice- This one is finding the green switch. Its near the spring. If you walk off the ledge, you wont fall. Then backtrack to cold land using the new switch platforms. then find the green block, and in the pond, there are some blocks. Smash em and jump down

    Island in the center- Use the green switch and the spring to get to the 2 pipes above the sand temple. note that you have to keep the on/off switch untouched.

    Thanks for playing and have fun!
  • Contributors: Thanks to Iggy for converting the music!!!
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What Others are Saying

mandrut2003 | 91/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/27/20 at 11:17 AM

Nathan nathan | 81/100

To be honest, this level was kinda nice. It just needed some work, as it had a few issues. Now, let's slide into reviewing!

The scenery was pretty decent, to start off. Some parts lacked though including 63X throughout the end of Map 1, 21X to the end of Map 2 especially because there could've been more variation, Map 3 as well, Map 4, Map 5, Map 6, Map 7, and Map 8. There were cutoffs with the desert bricks at 14X - 16X at Map 4, and the bottom section's outline of the pyramid at Map 6. Not to mention, there's a cutoff at Map 2 that Plume mentioned (look at his rate to see where). The challenges were decent, although the first 2 maps lacked.

I agree with Plume on 8Y at Map 3, as even though there were coins to indicate which ice blocks to step on, it can be sketchy due to the textbox saying all those ice blocks can be stepped on. It could've mentioned something about the coins there. The enemy placement was decent as well, could've been improved though (same issue as the challenges). The boss fight wasn't that good, as it was just Boom Boom spam. As I mentioned, this was a kinda nice level. I'll give it a rating of 81/100. Nothing bad, but not that good either. (Medium) :3

Things that I took points away for:
Lack of Scenery (-3)
Tile Cutoffs (-3)
Challenges (-3)
Enemy Placement (-3)
Feelings Towards the Level (extra) (-7)

08/26/20 at 3:47 PM

Plume 4.0 | 75/100

This was a alright level, let’s review!

I like the scenery

I like the challenges but some of them felt boring
I almost thought this was a Bob-Omb battlefield remake

At Map 2 X:0 Y:0 the player can potentially soft lock themselves if all of the snow balls are on the glass platform
Cutoff at Map 2 X:45 Y:15
At Map 3 Y:8 I know there is a text box and coins that say they’re safe but not really on the third one. Why, because it can trick people or some players that the third platform is safe for Mario to step on it and lose a life.
Map 3 Y:30 is a bit crammed for the ice spikes to be on.
Map 4 X:43 Y:15 is a bit crammed and people can get potentially soft locked if the donut blocks platform falls
Cutoff or floating arrow sign at Map 4 X:0 Y:0
The entrance or secret entrance is useless. Since it take you to map 3

In conclusion this was a okay level with flaws in it.

Level: 75/100
Difficulty: Medium
Scoring: Fair
Ranking C

08/25/20 at 9:21 PM

PrzemekXD | 100/100

Great level. Perfect difficulty for me. It was quite challenging but it wasn't too hard and frustrating so you won't be raged. The scenery was natural, everything fitted well. Every map had some good challenges but I think the first and the second were a bit worse than others. I really liked the third map, though. No flaws found here.

08/25/20 at 4:20 PM

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