• Description: bonus land
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What Others are Saying

Softendo | 96/100

It was a pretty fun level i have to say, the challenges were nice, the level design was well.. not too special but not bad at all, the tiling was good, the scenery was pretty good also, this level does have some flaws: In the first zone the hammer bro sometimes get stuck in the ceiling right there, and in the the fourth zone the custom music is just too loud tbh.

09/02/20 at 9:28 PM

enn123 | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

09/02/20 at 6:50 PM

MarioConstructor | 85/100

Oh wow, how is this bonus zone very good.
[About gameplay]
Gameplay looks good. not very boring. I always think bonus zone is the easiest theme but not for this level.
[About level design]
Level design looks great. Bonus theme with good scenery, this is a theme that hard to see in Level Palace. Only one problem for your level is the custom music in Map 5 was too loud, I think you should turn a volume in Map 5 down.
[About challenge]
Challenge is good. not a rush challenge. Some challenge are hard. but I think the first Boom Boom looks little bit boring with just flat area.
Very good bonus theme level. I think this level is deserve for 75/100 or higher rating.

Final Score : 85/100 (great)
Difficult : Leaning Hard

[How you can improve your level]
Turn a volume in Map down for -5db because default volume is too loud. Make the first Boom Boom more challenging. Add some stage hazard to the first Boom Boom room. Boom Boom battle in empty room make the boss battle feels very boring.

09/02/20 at 5:35 AM

SweepDaLeggg | 94/100

Not bad, the only parts I didn't find so enjoyable are the first hammer bro, as well as a part in another map which required a strictly precise jump under the thwomp. The castle sections were the best but the boss battles could've had more going for them.

09/01/20 at 6:37 PM

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