• Description: Here is an example of one of the challenges! You have to find 2 hidden blocks to reach a bob-omb and step on it so it can blow up some bricks.
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What Others are Saying

MarioConstructor | 5/100

Umm... this level is very bad.
[About gameplay]
Gameplay is very boring with repetitive goomba group and very easy challenge. Also, level is too short.
[About level design]
Level design is very bad. No scenery, no background and cutoffs everywhere.
[About challenge]
Challenge is very bad. Repetitive challenge with goomba trial. Useless springboard at X:18 since you can also sprint and then jump to pass. Also, challenge is very easy which make this level not fun.
Very bad. please don't make a 10 minutes trash level and focus on making a good level.

Final Score : 5/100 (very bad)
Difficult : Very Easy

[How you can improve]
Put more scenery. Don't make a cutoff. Don't let your level has an empty background. Make level longer. Don't make repetitive challenge. Don't put useless thing. Make challenge more challenging. Also, I think you should learn how to create a level before create a level since you don't know a basic of level editor such as how to use tiles correctly and how to use layer2.

09/05/20 at 8:12 PM

wooliestplate89 | 25/100

Nice level. Now was no background but that might be me, also can you make it harder but not too hard, also there was very little scenery.

09/05/20 at 8:09 PM

enn123 | 30/100

I agree with kowalski

09/05/20 at 6:42 PM

kowalski | 27/100

This level is okay but i can tell your a beginner. You have to learn to put different tilesets together and stop using cutoffs

09/05/20 at 2:35 PM

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