• Description: After the Volcanic Voyage, Toad tells Mario to head to the castle. During his attempt to rescue peach something tragic happens to her.

    Besides the story this level is 100% possible and Map 3 might take longer on some computer because of its size and the music.
    If the code doesn’t work then here’s a pastebin:
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wilserkormak | 89/100

This user did not provide a review.

09/08/20 at 8:49 PM

MGFBPS3 | 100/100

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09/08/20 at 5:55 PM

misterMario | 100/100

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09/08/20 at 5:58 AM

AllenCaspe9510 | 90/100

Oh wow, what a very well made level.

-The first section right until the end of the level is splendid. There are some things that I want to point out. I highly disagree with TheOriginator, in fact the areas, x67 & x72 are hazards. The fire hazards are just too small and they camouflage with the lava overlay. I don't like how users take off points to such wonderful levels by complimenting difficulty, story, or its creativity. Its disrespectful.

-There are some layering errors here and there, some of those large inside of the castle part are quite bland. Though it is reasonable because of the block limit in SMC. And wow, I'm impressed that you even reached the block limit.

-There was a part outside the castle where spike balls keep on dropping, I wish you would limit those balls since they won't despawn and they often lag the game.

-The music is incredible. Something I would like to use in a Animation.

-There could be some improvements to the enemy placement. Commonly the chasing bullet bills being placed in short spaced areas.

-If I could recall. I think one of the checkpoints were not working.

-Also, your level could atleast have some 1-up mushrooms, cuz... have mercy man.. I ran out of lives lol. The level also had a reasonable time limit.

-The Boom boom battles were... kinda irl. The first one is uhh very small. I'm not sure if I could state it out. And the second part of the boom boom battle, made those (What do you call those irl fireballs that's been spitted out by a SMW bowser?) Kinda... repetitive.

-And then, we have the best part that fits the level. The "story.". And... its a very interesting story. I mean, watch out for spoilers but peach is ded. And it really kinda sounds like a funny joke. The peach scene reminded me alot of those interesting TOS scenes where someone died at night. But those there the old days.

-Overall, it is a splendid level. All the game rules that apply in this level is a job well done. The music bought the level to a high level. But the layout in the castle went into a bland spot, the enemy placements could have been better, such as "them" being placed in a short spaced section. There could at least be 1-ups since its a long level. And other stuff I missed. Overall, very good level.

Gameplay: 35/40
Level Architect: 36/40
Level Design: 19/20
Total Score: 90 (Hard) *Insert clap*

09/07/20 at 10:45 PM

TheOriginator | 89/100

Where to begin on this enigma of a level? There were a number of very pleasant aspects, the story & level design spring to mind, & the variation throughout was pleasing. The music was somewhat epic also. I must bring henceforth to your attention that at x67 & x72 Mario dies for no apparent reason & with no enemy onscreen. I must say this was slightly disappointing & suggested a lack of care taken on your part. This happened again later in your level.
Regarding your text boxes, I must say that although they added to the story line there were several grammatical spelling errors also.

Once I had defeated the Bowser (or whatever the darned thing is called), the loading for the next section reminded oneself of the old ZX Spectrum I bought recently, absolutely ludicrous. Enemy placement & challenge was generally pretty spot on, however on occasion their challenge proved rather easy, & although your level in general was very refreshing, enemy placement was ever so slightly repetitive at times.
Nonetheless, overall a very solid effort. Loading times, occasional over repetition of enemies, & mystifying death kills aside, I enjoyed it & there was evidence of substantial effort put in on your part. Kudos.

09/07/20 at 1:25 PM

Tony | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

09/06/20 at 11:15 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 94/100

HHhhhhhhh..... I accidentally hit Ctrl+W and closed the window as I was writing this review.

But honestly I'm really impressed. Not many levels manage to pull off a compelling atmosphere with such simple gameplay. Layering issues are there, but fortunately not a frequent occurrence. My only real gripe was the sheer length leading to a prolonged waiting time; try not to make maps too long because the shorter they are, the quicker the level will load and it's always more fun like that. I like the Bowser battle but part of me didn't really like it because I'd always get backed into a corner, that's why they usually have platforms to actually make way for the player to jump over him so you don't have to damage boost all the time like you do with the fireflower in that section.

09/06/20 at 2:29 AM

MarioConstructor | 99/100

Oh, this is great!
[About gameplay]
Gamplay is very great. Except a loading times which it's took a long time, but I don't downvote since you tell about this in a level description.
[About level design]
Level design is very great. Custom music are cool. But custom music in first boss battle is little bit too loud. A weird thing is a lava in garden. I don't downvote this since it came from storyline.
[About challenge]
Very good with some of castle theme challenge. Only one mistake I found in a level is at Map 3 (X:36 Y:142), a single way gate place should be at X:35 but it's at X:36 and you can pass through it to easily get a dragon coin.
Very good with castle/war theme level. but there is only one mistake I found in this level and I think this level will got featured if you fix this only one mistake.

Final Score : 99/100 (Amazing)
Difficult : Hard

09/05/20 at 8:53 PM

wooliestplate89 | 100/100

Very Very great Level everyones gonna love this level!!!

09/05/20 at 8:44 PM

enn123 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

09/05/20 at 6:37 PM

francy Y | 100/100

what a fantastic level !, a very long level with many scenarios and well-organized challenges, the dragon coins are positioned perfectly, the bosses were not difficult but the level with the challenges a little bit yes, the first time I died in map 2 for a small flame that was almost not visible lol,I am happy that many users are using my background with the castle outside in the middle of the lawn :) overall great level , need to be careful to finish this ;)


09/05/20 at 3:45 PM

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