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    This is not my level. This level was created by my 10 years old sister.

    My sister made this level. She is not very good at creating level so this level may looks bad. She may added some kaizo challenge sice she is a kaizo fan.
  • Contributors: My sister
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What Others are Saying

valterriitsjames77 | 86/100

This user did not provide a review.

03/21/21 at 7:40 AM

SANTIXU | 70/100

Pretty good it's a good kaiso not so difficult only the muncher part is very difficult

10/19/20 at 8:28 AM

da_noob8games | 59/100

great level but why is it kazio? nice and challenging

09/11/20 at 5:57 PM

robinarensgamer | 50/100

wow,can you give me your sisters level palace account if she has one in my profile?thx,for this level i´ll give you a 50 because you published it!

09/10/20 at 2:23 PM

Progamer5gmaker1 | 94/100

you sister is play much kaizo?????????????

09/09/20 at 11:37 AM

jbox | 1/100

It's nice, and challenging, so your sister should get some praise, but kaizo sections don't fall into the 'easy' or 'medium' category, so there's that.
I forgot to change the rating.

09/09/20 at 10:57 AM

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