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Mesopotamia | 70/100

Make no mistake, I liked this level. It had some fine ideas and good visuals, but this level is decent at best. I liked the idea with the moving platforms, with bob-omb's spawned via baddie boxes and other enemies, but the level isn't perfect. There is a noticeable blind jump at the start of the level, with you having to land on a moving platform with no indication of where it was. The rest of the first half had some fine gameplay, albeit with an overwhelming supply of powerups but that's not a big issue. I really disliked playing the second half though. The majority of the second half felt extremely tedious due to having to wait for the moving platform to progress further into the level. And you reused the same moving platform idea from the first half, except the fact that you made this section much longer and relied on repeated setups with the bob-omb's and baddie boxes. And then the rest of the level before the goal looked rushed, with minimal effort from the gameplay considering the rest of the level. Putting down that many enemies (albeit) randomly and calling it a day isn't inspiring and is considered filler.

Apparently there is a secret exit, but I didn't bother trying to find due to the keyhole being obscurely hidden, and the fact that replaying the level is tedious due to the moving platform sections. And I'm not a fan of having to perform a blind jump to find a keyhole.

09/09/20 at 8:42 AM

super shadow1 | 100/100

cool level

09/09/20 at 6:07 AM

francy Y | 99/100

excellent level, full of interesting scenarios and challenges, excellent gameplay, beautiful use of the new item, the music was ok, if I remember correctly it comes from the bullet bill 2 game, overall excellent


09/09/20 at 4:23 AM

jbox | 86/100

It was ok, but a bit hard for medium.
Level Layout: Almost Perfect
Cheap Deaths: 0
Gameplay: Mainly figuring out what to do.

09/09/20 at 3:27 AM

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