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Nathan nathan | 76/100

This level was not bad, but not that good either. If anything, this was sorta decent, as it had some issues. So with that, let's head up into reviewing!

The scenery was alright, as it got pretty repetitive, as well as scattered and cluttered at times. Even then, there were some cutoffs with it including the bush at 0X, the green gates at 33X, and the leaves that were on coin blocks at 198X. The challenges were kinda nice, but the Goombrats got repetitive. Not to mention, the Raccoon Leaf just made them easier. The enemy placement was kinda decent, as it had the same issue. As I said before, this was a kinda decent level. I'll give it a rating of 76/100. Nothing bad, but could've been better. (Easy) :3

Things that I have taken points away for:
Repetitive Scenery (-3)
Cutoffs (-2)
Super Leaf Cheese (-3)
Repetitive Challenges (-3)
Enemy Placement (-3)
Feelings Towards This Level (extra) (-10)

09/20/20 at 8:45 PM

MarioConstructor | 70/100

Okay... This is not a bad level, I guess.
[About gameplay]
Gameplay looks boring. There are many empty area without any challenges too.
[About level design]
Good level design. Good scenery. But there is a cutoff at (X:297 Y:4).
[About challenge]
Not a good challenge. There are only goomba in this level which is a repetitive challenge. Also you can cheesed by fly over through a slope ceiling. Dragon coin placement is okay. But the level was very easy if you got a raccoon leaf.
Not a good level but not bad at all.

Final Score : 70/100 (good)
Difficult : Easy

[Thing that should improve]
*Cutoff at (X:297 Y:4)
*Repetitive challenges. Try use more different challenges.
*Cheesed. For this level, I recommend you to don't have a slope at Y:0 because you can fly over a ceiling at these spot.
*Gameplay. Try use more different gameplay that isn't a simple gameplay because it make a level very boring.
*Empty area without any challenge. Don't leave too many empty area without any challenge.

09/19/20 at 10:19 PM

Mr Chocolate Donut | 84/100

Noice It's not bad, it looks fine,

09/17/20 at 10:59 PM

Gamewikiwizz | 80/100

It's not bad, it looks fine, but it is extremely easy, and has very little going on level design wise.

09/16/20 at 9:39 PM

kowalski | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

09/14/20 at 8:33 PM

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