• Description: The first level in a series of traditional levels I am working on. Do not copy for any purposes, please. The level is short so it loads faster. It is easy because it is on the FIRST level.
  • Contributors: No additional contributors.
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What Others are Saying

PROPLAYEN | 90/100

A nice and sweet level, a bit too short in my opinion but its pretty good nonetheless

09/19/20 at 6:58 PM

LoliUwU | 77/100

pretty gud i honestly dont even care about scenery pretty easy
For your next level that your gonna make, i wish you good luck!


09/18/20 at 8:13 PM

Zeekie Joe | 66/100

Eh nice first level. I can honestly say that the level design was decent but lacked scenery. Dont get me wrong- Like what Discord2 said, you did pretty well with the scenery, but then not at the same time. Not too challenging. Overall, next level you make, try to add more scenery. But nice job.

09/17/20 at 9:43 AM

Discord2 | 53/100

very short and very easy

There is not much to say about the decoration, at the same time it is good but at the same time it is bad

The enemies are like, something mehh, I did not like the possession of the enemies so much, Although the secrets of the level (golden dinosaur coin) If they are well positioned.

To get better:
- Position of enemies
- Decor
- Secrets (they are well positioned although you could improve it)

09/16/20 at 8:43 PM

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