• Description: This is a level I worked on a few weeks ago but never finished, until now. If there is anything wrong with the level, or if there is something that should be fixed or improved, please do tell. I am willing to go back and fix and edit the level to make it better.

    EDIT 9/20/20, minor edits that Adyj pointed out, I will try to find some more things to fix to improve this level.

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What Others are Saying

MistaDrop | 92/100

This user did not provide a review.

09/21/20 at 9:28 PM

robinarensgamer | 100/100

yay!i like it!

09/20/20 at 5:21 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 91/100

I actually really liked this, or at least the majority of it (aka when it didn't include unexpected piranha plants or thwomps flying at you out of nowhere; that was annoying ngl). Then there was also a point in the level where you can jump on the bullet bill and skip a good portion of challenges which I think is a bummer because that platform/sawblade dodging challenge was actually my favorite part. As for the theme, well you nailed the city theme. But as Frank mentioned as well, more scenery would be nice.

09/19/20 at 10:03 PM

PrzemekXD | 100/100

Great level, I really liked the design. Challenges were OK, some more difficult but mostly they were straightforward. Good music choise.

09/19/20 at 6:16 PM

Adyj | 83/100

Alrighty, let's see how this level fares.

Yeah, it gives me city vibes. The atmosphere here looks very clean, not too much scenery like some other levels. It had a nice background that went well with the foreground this time. I liked the ropes and platforms that linked some of the buildings together. The music went pretty nicely with the overall atmosphere to the level. Of course, that can't mean the atmosphere can't be improved. Try adding a rain overlay. I think it adds a lot to the feel of this level. Also, there are some layering errors to be fixed, like the cogs going behind launchers, but in front of the platforms behind the launchers at X:248.

Yeah, there are some flaws here to get to. Starting with a simple chuck to slide through, thx for the mushroom. Dragon coin 1 was actually a bit easier than the original path, tho. From there, I'm not that much of a fan of the piranhas, as some of them can pop out of nowhere for a cheap hit, especially the one that shoots fire. The On/Off switch was just really hard to hit, so there was a big chance of falling down a blind jump to where the second dragon coin was. Again, easier than the normal path, so it's best to have your intended path actually be the coin path. The top path was fine, navigating those cogs. Going the bottom route, I was immediately hit by a cheap thwomp to the face, don't do this. Then, it's the navigating the same cogs as the original path. A sawblade later was ANOTHER cheap thwomp hit to the face. Do not do this, it feels unfair to get hit. Then some simple jumps before the CP.

Next, dodging more stuff. Dragon coin 3 was an ok spot, though kinda annoying tbh. Then jumping up to the yello platform, there weren't coin indicators at first, which lead to a cheap hit on the way down cuz of how fast the platform went. Then climbinb back up, the hammer bros was easy to kill. Here, falling down was ok, but then I had to wait for the platform to do its thing, and waiting is boring. Better have more than 1 platform here. Plus, you can cheese this by going over via a bullet bill. Dragon coin 4 was a good, out-of-the-way, but not too annoying coin. Then the platform before the end was unneeded. Just jump it, without having to wait for the platform to come back up.

Final Difficulty: Medium
Final Rating: 83/100

Careful with those cheap hits.

09/18/20 at 11:30 PM

Toastygamez | 97/100

It gives me NY vibes

09/18/20 at 10:13 AM

Mr Chocolate Donut | 100/100

C o o l a n d N o i c e

09/17/20 at 11:10 PM

francy Y | 85/100

nice level, a little empty in some parts but nice ;)
maybe next time a little more scenery


09/17/20 at 4:06 PM

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