• Description: First level I upload to this site.
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What Others are Saying

UTF | 93/100

I'm still very new to Super Mario Construct, but this was one of the cooler levels I've played so far :)
Bowser boss was notably more difficult than the rest of the level, and I think it's because it's quite difficult to jump over him without the bunny powerup.

09/24/20 at 11:10 AM

BreadBoi64 | 100/100

This is one of the undertale remakes that is actually good! With originality. All the way from the music to the tiling. The pacing of the level was great. The boss was spectacular. 100 from me!
Difficulty: Medium
(welcome to LP)

09/23/20 at 10:27 AM

Vencedor | 100/100

Small Shock...Ruins...Home...Heartache...And no more. In resume.........I love it.
Dif: Medium

09/22/20 at 10:09 AM

deciduu | 100/100

This level was absolutely brilliant! The visuals were spectacular and is almost a perfect imitation of the Ruins! The puzzles and challenges are great, the creativity is practically overflowing and there's certainly a lot of effort put into this! Amazing level!

09/22/20 at 12:17 AM

PROPLAYEN | 97/100

A great mario-version of undertale's ruins

09/21/20 at 10:34 PM

Adyj | 91/100

Not bad for a 1st lvl.

Good job with the beginning grasslands, as the windy overlay added a lot of depth, though there are some layering issues with the trees up top when Mario goes through them and the music felt very empty for something like this. The rocky parts were simple-looking but still quite good. Not much gameplay for this intro, tho I liked the coins when falling. Dragon coin 1 was just a freebie, I guess.

Getting the Key
Maps 3 and 4 looked really good and the music fits much better here as well, though it still doesn't sound as full as I would have hoped. Not gonna be too nitpicky with this otherwise.

Gameplay's okay, but does have issues. Not a big fan of the nippers, as it's rather frustrating trying to avoid their fire, on top of spikeballs, piranha fire, hammer bros, etc. Also not a fan of the falling spikes, as they blended in too much with the other spikes and striked in very inconvienient places, like that 2nd spike in M3 right as Mario's about to jump. Also not a fan of going back down in M3 as there could be some cheap hits from nipper fire that appears out of nowhere from falling.

Otherwise, gameplay was good here. I liked your extra hints of interactivity, like the On/Off switch in M4 and the key + brown P-switch needed in M3. You had a secret carrot and a bit of not-annoying swimming, which I respect.

Map 5
Visuals were good, like M3 and 4, though I will add that I liked how the On/Off in the wall looked, like a part of the wall is chipped away. For gameplay, the goombas at the start were good, as I liked the baddie box only outputing 2 goombas. From there, it's mainly dodging enemies which were a bit cramped. Try opening stuff up more around here. Dragon coin 2 was quite dangerous with the fish there. I'm not sure whether getting it without getting hit is possible (probably is, but very hard). I'd not put the upwards pipe tho, since it looks like a warp even though it isn't. I liked the gray P-switch, tho maybe could've been a tad more complex.

The Boss
Bowser here's a bit too powerful imo. Maybe tone down the number of hits he takes, or even better, have a wider space to move around, since it was a bit cramped. Otherwise, it's an ok boss. I liked the visuals in M6 with the fireplace leading up and the end goal's visuals, though I would've liked some music in the transitions.

Overall, not perfect, but I can give Gold for this.

Final Difficulty: Medium
Final Rating: 91/100

09/21/20 at 4:03 PM

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