• Description: space land
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What Others are Saying

jbox | 76/100

It's good, but I'm deducting some points for lack of scenery, and near the end of Map 1, there's some cutoff.

10/09/20 at 3:33 AM

migue1207 | 60/100

Era bonito al principio pero en si el nivel era sobrecargado y no tenia una continiduad...........Pero bueno lo dejare de 60

10/06/20 at 9:41 PM

Nathan nathan | 91/100

Aside from this being a decent level, it wasn't extreme. It was actually an easy-hard if anything. So with that, let's head high into reviewing!

The scenery was nice, although it started to sag. It was also scattered at times, and some of it was pretty small size-wise. Now for the challenges, which seems to be the star of the show (this isn't a good thing). Some enemies were overused such as Tail Goombas, Blue Koopas, and Bullet Bills. Plus, the Bullet Bill Generator had a too low firerate, to be frank (see what I did there?). Besides those issues, it was decent. The same issues can be seen in enemy placement, but it was still decent. As I said previously, this level was decent. I'll give this a rating of 91/100. Decent job Francy, although it could've been better. (Hard) :3

Things that I've taken points away for:
Scenery (-3)
Challenges (-3)
Enemy Placement (-3)

10/01/20 at 10:21 PM

Mariobrigade2018 | 90/100

The level was fun and chaotic at the same time. The blue koopas in level 1 should've been in the airship level.

Difficulty: CHAOTIC!!!

09/23/20 at 7:34 PM

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