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    This level ending with "Power of friendship" which is boring. But the story hasn't over yet. You should still keep watching, Dark Overlord won't died easily with a "Power of friendship"

    TFD said the boss music shouldn't be an anime song. He said it's not fit with theme. And I would like to say that I put a custom music depends on story and atmosphere, not theme (since it has more than 1 theme in a level.)

    If you are Nitrogamer, please listen to my heart.
    If you are Adyj, this level was better than previous level.
    If you are fake rater, go away!
    If you are a player, thank you.

    I love to put something different, might not everyone's favorite. But I love to write a story with my heart and my feeling. This is why I made a different.

    Please don't destroy my effort with fake rate, rate low without giving reason or rate low with stupid reason.

    This level was inspired from many thing I found in Level Palace. Story in this level are fiction, I don't have an intent to make someone looks bad. This level difficult is Medium-Easy so I put difficult to easy at first.
    Finally, if there is no you in this level, imagine that you are a player(Mario) in this level since I can't put everyone in a single level.

    -----Something about this level-----
    Lives : 15
    Extra 1-up every course clear. 3-up before final boss.

    Checkpoint after every scene.

    Main level difficult : Medium-Easy
    Cutscene difficult : Easy

    -Custom Music credit
    -Custom Background Credit
    (OT's CBG site)
    *Image used
    https://i.imgur.com/35F2IXV.png (Map 1)
    https://i.imgur.com/5SmDQqa.png (Map 2)
    https://i.imgur.com/LBsQshQ.png (Map 3,4)
    https://i.imgur.com/xH2zcpY.png (Map 5)
    https://i.imgur.com/kTtJuoQ.png (Map 6)
    https://i.imgur.com/Fijm2JF.png (Map 8)
    -Joke Credit
    *Among Us joke : Inspired from Lgames's discord PFP. (SMC discord server)​
    *SVA joke : Request from AllenCaspe9510

    Note : This level is 100% possible!
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What Others are Saying

SuperMarioBros843 | 95/100

I am very good, not gonna lie.

04/22/21 at 7:00 AM

Mariobrigade2018 | 90/100

WHY DIDN'T YOU ADD ME!!!! Though I have to admit that this is the best and longest level that I've played. It’s very well planned and designed.

I have to agree with Adyj with the fact the emmys don't fit well at the beginning. The villain was very creepy in a fun way. I didn't like that there were only off-interaction emmys. 3/10

Burning lava pit:
It was my favourite part of it as red is my favourite color. The challenge was very interesting, too. 10/10

Ice cave:
It was very cool (get it?) and a bit challenge due to ice physics. Thank goodness Luigibonus didn't put collision on the side, or this would've been harder, and thus lowering the score. 7/10

Donno what to say about this part, except that it was very beautiful and off-the-rail sort of thing. Love off-the-rail things. 11/10

Dead desert: It was so hard with the cannon part, and I did noticed that the pokey part was cheesable by using the still-loaded cannon to hit the on-off block. It was also a favourite part as well. 10/10

It felt like NER.S.M.B.DS. as you focus on Boom Boom first, then Bowser. It may not be an original idea, but how you incorporated the boss is very interesting. 9/10

Be sure to add me as a hint helper to get a higher score. And txlu, I saw your name.

10/06/20 at 8:02 PM

migue1207 | 100/100

Jaja me encanto estuvo re buenoo fue un buen nivel es re entretenido te lo puse como en mis favoritos

10/05/20 at 9:22 PM

Adyj | 92/100

Thx for making me the jerky broken English a**hole...

Visuals were good as usual. Gameplay's improved, though stuff like the pokey/lotus/nipper/chuck combo feels out of place for a calm beginning like this. From there, good stuff, calm, but not too easy. Also, don't put txtboxes in a chuck's range of fire. That's not smth you want.

Map 2 had good gameplay, nothing overly precise, which is good. I liked the atmosphere overall as well. You're more generous with CPs and powerups, which does a lot to lessen the frustration of this lvl.

Visuals are good, and I like the music. The baddie boxes were creative, but cheap hit with that tiny flame, blended too much with the bg. I would've liked just 1 spinjump flame here, 2 doesn't line up well. From there tho, I liked the platforming. Feels tight, but never awkward or unfair.

Ice Cave
Atmosphere here's good. Bg and music fit well. Gameplay does have gripes. The spikes at the mirage are bad. Don't make me inch my way there with ice physics. Fun stuff from there, but non-solid ice blocks made for a cheap hit, as they looked solid. I just ran right into the icicles. Don't do that. Good setup with next platform, with that corner to line Mario up. The trap should've been more visible. I died twice cuz the platform fell so fast. The nippers were obnoxious, having to jump them and not slip into the other one, especially with that slope...

Wow, it does look beautiful, especially with the night sky and soothing music, tho I'd have silver blocks there, not green ones. Gameplay fits nicely, a nice not-too-easy, but still calmer challenge here, so gj here.

Put an extra lower block at the fuzzies; it doesn't scroll far enough down to see them. The rotating platforms were confusing, since there were 2 On/Off and the screen scrolled up enough for another blockade, but not another On/Off block, so I thought that was a trap. Don't put arrows over blocks, that's scenery obscuring gameplay. Thx for CP and 2 mushes before the boss, good choice there. No bubble effect here plz; it makes Bowser's magic almost invisible. I was annoyed with it on, but it was fun with it off.


Final Difficulty: Hard
Final Rating: 92/100

Hey, improvement :)

10/05/20 at 4:48 PM

DINAMIC_JAVI | 100/100

sinceramente es el mejor nivel que he jugado en la vida!!!! pero me he quedado atascado en una parte que no se que hacer... xd

PD:me gusto la referencia a among us

10/04/20 at 4:47 PM

txlu_456 | 95/100

WHAT! How dare you not put me in this level! My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.
Jokes aside this was a pretty good level especially compared to most of this stuff on the front page.

Gameplay (Challenges, enemies and bonuses)
I can't really cover everything in this level so I'll have to summarise. My main issue is how long it was. I think I was playing for 30 minutes +. I'd recommend you split it into 2 halves.

The first part was pretty good apart from the fact you'd constantly end up getting killed trying to read the text. The lava dimension was a bit too difficult for a medium level but at least it didn't rely on picture-perfect platforming. Also that tiny spot of fire on the first platform was really trolly and unfair.

The ice section had some very interesting backtracks but the shadow door at the end was very hard too see and had to go into the editor to find it.

The star road area was a bit more on the traditional side but still fun and creative.

Map 7's poison mushroom survival challenge went on way too long.

The final part I'll talk about is the boss fight. It was kind of like the one from nsmbds were you have to focus on one to defeat the other. Still a really great final boss.

The story was okay too but then you threw the "Power Of Friendship" card. NEVER EVER say that again !!! The idea of using LP members was similar to shadownathen's azure lake levels except they were actually used there for the plot.( It still would've been better if I was there though ಠ_ಠ .)

Scenery (Visuals, decorations and cutoffs)
There's not much to add but the main problem is that there is too much scenery. I could've rated higher if it wasn't because of that. It also made it quite hard to focus. I didn't play with sound so I can't understand what TFD meant properly but the background fitted nicely.

Rating: 95/100
Difficulty: Medium

10/04/20 at 8:45 AM

Herobrinesword | 90/100

This is a very difficult level, which makes sense considering this is meant to be a final level to cap off an adventure. I would have to disagree with TFD as the music for the final boss does in fact fit, since most anime shows use their intro music for the final fight scene of the series. My only gripe with the level is the use of real users as characters, since they might rate the level lower if they feel they were not represented well. Besides that, I would like to say that I love this level and I hope it wins the next Level Design Competition. Overall, I will give this level a rating of 90%.

10/04/20 at 3:26 AM

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