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What Others are Saying

Softendo | 20/100

Pra ser bem honesto, esse level foi uma "salada de frutas" no qual as frutas aqui realmente não combinam, tipo, é um level de floresta misturado [pelo menos uma parte] com Ghost House e Navios? fora o spam de inimigos e o level ter muita falta de desafios, ah e uma dica, adicione "scenery" [tipo, folhas, arbustos] para o level não parecer tão "vazio".
Não é um level horrivel mas sinceramente, não é muito bom.

10/20/20 at 1:44 PM

Neckage | 23/100

the level was just plain in general
and it had some gameplay thoug, hgame level

10/18/20 at 6:31 PM

Christian 45 | 46/100

That level wan't bad but wasn't good at the same time

10/17/20 at 10:58 AM

Skopler | 45/100

Alright, so... this level was split into two different gameplays: the flat beginning where nothing occurs, and the hellish finale where enemies were placed everywhere. Both parts weren't good in either case: for the first it was absolutely empty and boring, only boos here and there, but nothing worth mentioning, also the yoshi coin was placed in an annoying location (it requires mario to be small which is annoying since the level provides you these items such as yoshi and a mushroom); the second part was horrible: plants are placed in terrain which makes it impossible to determine where they will spawn, about 6 koopas flying towards you with little reaction time, and the whole 123x to 180x part where enemies are placed everywhere but give no challenge at all (the same thing that happened on your third level of your series, happened here again). And focusing on this last part, you don't give any clue to the player that he should try the yoshi+blue shell combo to be able to pass through there, I can easily kill all the blue koopas but then I won't have none left for the real challenge. You must warn the player what's ahead... or at least make the blue shell spawnable just like you did with yoshi eggs. The mid-way point is placed where everything is happening so the player must act fast if he doesn't want to get hurt. This little reaction time is annoying and should be avoided everytime you make a level.

Lastly add some scenery to avoid the level feeling totally flat.

10/16/20 at 9:14 PM

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