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    Quick Hotfix : Bonus warp pipe fixed.
    Note : I've just put wrong code, sorry.

    Do not ruin this level with fake rate, rate bad with stupid reason or rate bad without giving any reason.

    This is my new series called "Shiny Sword Origination". A non-Mario series with different concept from Mario games. I don't spoil a story here. So play it if you want to see its story.

    This level might is not very long (240x).

    -----Series description-----
    (Chapter 1)
    Shiny Passion
    (Episode 1)
    The Path of Beginning

    Starting Lives : 6
    (Bonus Room)
    1 secret bonus room.
    1 Boss in bonus room.
    Nature, Retro City, House, Intro.

    (Custom Music Credit)
    (Custom background credit)
    Image used
    -https://i.imgur.com/NscIa1n.png (Map 1)
    -https://i.imgur.com/Del7120.png (Map 2,3)
    -https://i.imgur.com/NagIFZD.png (Map 4)
    -https://i.imgur.com/807ht1E.png (Map 5)
    -https://i.imgur.com/w5EsGNa.png (Map 6)
    -https://i.imgur.com/upLZHum.png (Map 6)

    Note : This level is 100% possible.
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SuperMarioBros843 | 94/100

I am very good, not gonna lie.

04/24/21 at 6:01 AM

ChrisTDH | 95/100

Honestly, this is ridiculously hard. Like, oh my god this is tough.

12/04/20 at 10:26 PM

TailsBoy711 | 100/100


10/22/20 at 1:30 PM

SANTIXU | 81/100

This user did not provide a review.

10/19/20 at 8:33 AM

Neckage | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

10/18/20 at 7:15 PM

kowalski | 85/100

This user did not provide a review.

10/18/20 at 3:50 PM

robinarensgamer | 100/100

nice level,nice little story,i like it!100/100 for you!
so,i know this is great and stuff but for a 100 character review it must look like a great review so here ya go!

10/18/20 at 12:16 PM

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