• Description: Mario was suprised that the fort wasn't that tall!
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What Others are Saying

NESFilipGamer | 57/100

Wait what? How did people give this a Medium? This is dead Easy, I only died twice. Let's get into the reviewing.

The castle tiling has a nice touch with the background and the grass tiling, so I will let you off for that. However, the gameplay is boring as it's just jumping on enemies with no challenge, so -40 for that. At Map 2 X:47 Y:11, there is a cutoff when you activate the switch, there is another cutoff at Map 3, X:30 Y:12, this one will get -1 because its not as annoying as the other one

So overall, a mediocre level. Here is the rundown:
Boring gameplay (-40)
3 Cutoffs (-3) (-2 for the one in Map 2 and -1 for the one in Map 3)

A 57/100, not bad but not good. Play levels from Orangetack and Mesopotamia to help you out.

Rating: 57/100
Difficulty: Easy

10/26/20 at 4:52 PM

Tomi444 | 75/100

Some glitches at teleports and the level is can be longer.And you may use more enemies to make the level more difficult.Other things are cool!

10/26/20 at 4:52 PM

robinarensgamer | 100/100

excellent level!i loved the scenery alot,
what could be better is nothing!i´ve got to go check out the next level!nice job,you deserve a 100/100 from me!

10/26/20 at 12:47 PM

skelebone2_0 | 100/100

make the level longer k because i was waiting for more by the end k. but it was totally awesome and had a great setting. i love castle levels there the best.

10/26/20 at 11:38 AM

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