• Description: DISCLAIMER: This is a parody of FNAF 1, if you do not know how to play FNAF 1(somehow) then check out a video of it.

    Three nights at Goomby's - a parody of the first FNAF game. Every Night introduces a new animatronic.
    Meet the fun cast!-
    Spiny the Pizza lover, you'll find her at the kitchen a lot!
    Beetle the Cuddler, he loves to hug and cuddle ya!
    Rext the Pirate, he is quite shy around new people, especially the guard! He'll try to run into your office but he gets a lot of... red around the office so don't let him in!..
    Goomby the Mascot, he isn't as active as the other animatronics so he'll only appear later on!

    Boo the Golden one. We don't know where he is exactly... He doesn't like the light tho.
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What Others are Saying

The Crazy Mario Fan | 100/100

I Finally Beated All Nights + Custom Night

11/15/20 at 8:49 PM

Skeleboi 173 | 96/100

a fnaf level? i wasn't expecting this lmao

Night 1

only 2 enemies, simple enough, all you need to do is when you see buster beetle, turn on the red block by using the on/off switch, when you see spiny, turn on the blue switch, also by using the on/off block. i have died a few times tho, when i see buster beetle i get paranoid and accidently press the jump key and ded. and there is something that kinda bothers me, some people might not heard of fnaf and might not know what they're doing, so i would recommend putting in the description telling how to play, or telling to check out fnaf 1 first before playing the level. although, pretty decent.


Night 2

a rex playing as foxy, noice. before i even talk about anything else about night 2, i just wanna point this out, in the first checkpoint, you can get the checkpoint without being hurt by the saw, i can't really explain how since i'm still a child, so i just wanted to point that out, but i'm not going to take points off for that because it doesn't make it any easier, but please look out for stuff like that next time!
ok, now that's outta the way, let's talk about night 2.
this just adds one enemy, and it's a fast one too, it doesn't add a whole lot of challenges, it just makes it a little harder, only a little, still nice to play.


Night 3

hey, should i tell ya something? that goomba actually use to be William (Popthatcorn14), he turned into a goomba, wanna know how? there was a Super Mario Bros show and they say that if you don't watch the show you're gona turn into a goomba.. and the rumors were true...

bAcK tO tHE NIgHt
i honestly have nothing to say about this level, it just adds a goomba, deh legitimate mascot, that's it, it was a little more harder tho.


Custom Night

it just adds an extra goomba, the boo is straight up useless, you just look at it and never look away and jump, that's it.


Things I took points away for

- Doesn't tell how to play (-1)
- The boo is straight up useless (-4)


- Really interesting (+1)

Rate: 95 + 1
Difficulty: Medium

EDIT: Ayy you added the "What is this level" info in the desc!
EDIT 2: Ayy you added another boo on the custom night!

10/24/20 at 12:58 PM

skelebone2_0 | 100/100

pretty good but you stole my idea i loved it though and i love competition ps guys i was working on my fnaf one remake and it will be out next week. ps Awesome level my dude

10/24/20 at 11:44 AM

francy Y | 97/100

interesting level:

the scenarios were great, although I found a cutoff at the top right of map 2, the challenges were interesting and creative, they remind me of an old flashgame from many years ago :)


10/24/20 at 10:00 AM

Progamer5gmaker1 | 98/100

eso fue un buen nivel.
Los pros:
Lo neutral:
Hay zonas en las que puedes derrotar a los enemigos.
Las Contras:
NInguna :-)
Conclusion: Sigue asi!
Puntacion: 98/100
Calificacion: A/A
Dificultad: Dificil

10/23/20 at 8:20 PM

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