• Description: frying the oof there is the 1-up and the goomba's are there
  • Contributors: skelebone2_0/ jelani for the mechanic of yoshi alone
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What Others are Saying

Mlglord289 | 100/100

10/10 only one problem you cant win unless you idk cheat i guess

11/08/20 at 6:33 PM

Eduard | 80/100

Anyway, the level is not so well done, but it is really very, very creative, in addition to having interesting mechanics.

11/03/20 at 5:38 AM

super shadow1 | 100/100

wow how did you do that pretty cool

11/02/20 at 5:06 AM

FryingTheOof | 20/100

There are missing Goombas, no secret 1-Up and the secret underground area, and this part isn't really controllable but if you get hit you have to copy in the code again in Quick Play

11/01/20 at 7:46 PM

skelebone2_0 | 100/100

thx that you creaded tied me but it was Jelani who found this glitch that credit him 2 plz creadit him it would be nice ps part three of yoshis epic comes tomorow

11/01/20 at 3:10 PM

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