• Description: Mario was on vacation at the beach. But as usual he never gets a break and Boom Boom is bombing the beach. To lay ground work for Bowsers Beach castle.

    also this is chaotic at times

    P.S i make short levels okay
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What Others are Saying

MarioConstructor | 20/100

I feel like this level was very bad because of many reason.
[About gameplay]
This level has an interesting concept, but with bad level design and challenges make this level looks bad. Also I feel like this level is a bit too short.
[About level design]
Extremely bad level design. Most of all parts are lack of scenery. Cutoffs everywhere.
[About challenges]
Challenges looks okay, but some Bob-omb falling from sky is a bit unfair because you can't clearly see the baddie box unless you go very near to it. In Map 2, all challenges has randomly placement. Saws are repetitive. Boss fight in Map 3 can be cheesed by standing on a rope.
Interesting concept. But another things are bad.

Final Score : 20/100 (Bad)
Difficult : Easy

[Thing that should improve]
*Scenery. Put more scenery.
*Cutoffs. Don't make a cutoff. Tiling correctly.
*Bob-omb falling from sky are a bit unfair.
*Enemy in Map 2 has randomly placement, which is not good.
*Repetitive challenges. Try use more different challenges.
*Boss fight can be cheesed.

11/04/20 at 4:44 AM

Banana325 | 45/100

This was an okay level but there were way too many enemies, especially bob-ombs. The part inside the airship just seemed random, and the boss was probably the best part. Although, it was a little generic as only the arena made it inetesting. Your tiling is good, but there were some random really tiny water holes that were unnessesary. You also have so much empty space on Map 1 that isn't blocked off. Despite all of that, the story was at least quite good and had multiple layers to it. So, not your best level to say the least. It gets an easy difficulty.

11/04/20 at 12:17 AM

mrgameboy | 70/100

- 30 cause of spam

11/03/20 at 11:08 PM

Mariobrigade2018 | 1/100

The story was nice, but there are a bunch, and I mean A BUNCH of things to work on.

For one thing it was very bland with spam Bobbys (Bob-ombs) and A LOT of unused space. WHAT THE HECK?!


11/03/20 at 8:57 PM

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