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    -----Series Description-----
    Chapter 1 : Shiny Passion
    Episode 3 : Chance
    Story : Irwin returned a wallet to a woman, then he heard someone calling for him.
    He decided to bust into the castle to meet the person who called him. While he was busting, he met with his childhood friend, Alexander Jesus.

    Lives : 10
    -VS. Guard.
    -2 main checkpoints.
    -VS. Alexander Jesus (Optional)
    -Dragon coin challenge.

    Red girder platforms : instant falling platform
    Arrow signs - Magenta : tell the direction of switch you need to activate in a backtrack.
    Arrow signs - Wooden : tell the path you must go after activate switch in backtrack.
    Arrow cloud - blue : hint in quick reaction challenge, often use for tell you the landing position or jump position.

    *Custom Music Credit.
    Read in my profile.
    *Custom background credit.
    Image used.
    -https://i.imgur.com/P4Qfb4W.png (Map 1)
    -https://i.imgur.com/upLZHum.png (Map 1,2,3,5)
    -https://i.imgur.com/mYN0XNF.png (Map 2,3,5)
    -https://i.imgur.com/aCeWoIJ.png (Map 4)
    -https://i.imgur.com/RXqGmfe.png (Map 6)
    -https://i.imgur.com/zQgQEmW.png (Map 7)

    Note : This level is 100% possible in every route, no matter you go through main area route or secret area route.
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txlu_456 | 96/100

Alexander Jesus

Rating: 96/100
Difficulty: Hard

12/14/20 at 6:04 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

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11/30/20 at 9:32 AM

Kornel_Mario | 87/100

Bardzo fajny poziom.

11/13/20 at 6:00 AM

Progamer5gmaker1 | 90/100

Good decoration
The Goods:
The neutral:
The bosses
The Cons:
Dificulty: Medium

11/12/20 at 9:34 PM

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