• Description: I really hope you like this level! I swear to god if this level gets a bad rating i will quit level palace for A REALLY LONG TIME! I fixed the code so you can play my level instead!
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What Others are Saying

wooliestplate89 | 47/100

ok level, but you probably just stole someones level and changed the name so you didn't have to make one, any ways if thats false then its time to serious, so there was never any scenery and the starting location was a one way, you can improve by not having a boss fight & making it a tad bit easier.

11/12/20 at 2:23 PM

Super_Constructor29654 | 60/100

The stage was fine. I enjoyed it! I liked your challenges. Great! Overall 60/100. Good job!

11/12/20 at 2:19 PM

Emir55 | 41/100

its not a ghost house and freezing of course not! It was a bit short and challenging!

11/12/20 at 11:09 AM

robinarensgamer | 25/100

wow this had to do nothing with a ghost house,especially with the freezing!the level is bad with a easy jump height in the level,ugh,i hate those jumps!the dragon coins were no challenge since they were easy to pick up,and this makes the level fairly easy!further with the boss fight,no challenge was added,so my final rate is a 25/100 and the level tag GBGE,check my profile to see what the level tags mean,have a nice day with ur stupid level!

11/12/20 at 10:50 AM

3mmyco0l9 | 1/100

What level is this its prob a copy its not even a ghost house or freezing cuz its made by another person.

11/12/20 at 10:27 AM

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