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    -----Series Description-----
    Chapter 1 : Shiny Passion
    Episode 4 : Mission Start
    Story : Irwin became the warrior of Farawayria. His first mission is catch Byron, the baddie and bring him to Xero Moonlight. In this mission, he has Alex as his teammate.

    Lives : 12
    -2 Main checkpoints
    -Dark Realm (3-ups)
    -VS Byron The Baddie

    Red girder platforms : instant falling platform
    Arrow signs - Magenta : tell the direction of switch you need to activate in a backtrack.
    Arrow signs - Wooden : tell the path you must go after activate switch in backtrack.
    Arrow cloud - blue : hint in quick reaction challenge, often use for tell you the landing position or jump position.
    Yellow outline square : kaizo block.

    *Custom Music Credit.
    Read in my profile.
    *Custom background credit.
    Image used.
    https://i.imgur.com/P4Qfb4W.png (Map 1,7)
    https://i.imgur.com/upLZHum.png (Map 1,7)
    https://i.imgur.com/kBOXPhp.png (Map 3)
    https://i.imgur.com/TWncYtW.png (Map 4)
    https://i.imgur.com/DBQtUwV.png (Map 4,5,6)

    Note : This level is 100% possible in every route, no matter you go through main area route or secret area route.
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What Others are Saying

kingkestro777 | 100/100

No words needed, everything was possible but I died to the Chain Chomp, the difficulty exactly how it was put. So why shouldn't I give you a 100/100 for this levelwork.

11/30/20 at 4:25 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

11/29/20 at 2:09 AM

NESFilipGamer | 98/100

The level was an amazing masterpiece. Let's get into the review.

To start off with, Map 1 was really brilliant. It had good challenges, such as the spin jumping on the chainball challenge, the chain chomp challenge, and so on. I loved playing Map 4 aswell, the challenges were good. I love the music on Map 4 too, it's so intense and so good! The Map 6 boss fight was amazing aswell, however, there a thing I want to point out:

The only flaw is that you should have pointed out that the yellow blocks are to be used in challenges, I mean, you didn't, so it makes it unfair for new players.

Yellow invisible block danger (-2)

A 98/100, really amazing level, but that issue could be fixed.

Rating: 98/100
Difficulty: Hard

11/28/20 at 1:51 PM

Progamer5gmaker1 | 100/100

Good Level, but is a very hard.
The Pros:
The Neutral:
Rare Cuffofs

11/25/20 at 10:34 AM

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