• Description: This is the second half to the continued game, Boss fight central P-1. I recommend playing that first, If you want to. By the way, if you are good at dogging projectiles, Good. If not then you might want to practice as this is a long level. Have a story too. If the vote get over 75% I will make Boss Fight Central 3. This took me a ton of work to make. I used custom music and backgrounds. This is a long level due to speed running and I do not like level by level. Why not pack them together. Most people get mad at me for that. Next time, I will make it level by level instead of checkpoint to checkpoint. Enjoy.
  • Contributors: Arcade
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What Others are Saying

MarioConstructor | 1/100

Sorry, but the warp in Map 6 that will lead you exit from that map is missing, cause the level impossible to be beaten. So I must auto 1/100 (I guess you tried to add a warp that lead you to Map 4 Entrance 6, but it was missing).

Final Score : 1/100 (Very Bad)
Difficult : Impossible

*Impossible (-99)

I tried to find another ways to progress a level, but don't seem to be any other ways. If there is a secret way to pass this level except from boss battle in Map 6, could you tell me so I can change a rate, please.

11/25/20 at 1:34 AM

Plume 4.0 | 51/100

The extreme part of this level was the length as a dude said.
The level had some cutoffs and soft locks and a bunch of unused space, map 4 background doesn’t even loop smoothly and dying feels like a punishment.
The good part of the level was probably the music.

11/20/20 at 6:46 PM

a dude | 15/100

To me it's not extreme, the only part "extreme" Is the level length. According to your editor you have 1 main world and 10 subworlds, TEN! It makes wanna die trying to get to the end.

11/20/20 at 6:48 AM

NATEDOGG | 100/100

really good level really good i love the challenge but still kinda funish dcjsnvljjvfjlxnkjdsancnjdsnvasjsnjvndsjknvkdnvkdnvksnvnvksdnvkdsnvksdnvksdnvksdnvdnkvndkvndvndsnvdsnvdsvdnkvsvndsnvdsvksnvnv

11/17/20 at 8:59 AM

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