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What Others are Saying

GamerCake123 | 74/100


11/23/20 at 6:45 AM

a dude | 80/100

I love it, I will rate about 80. also the challenge is awesome. Nothing really bothered me.
Also nice designs

11/22/20 at 1:51 AM

Mario00000000 | 85/100

This was a great train level. I like how you made good use of the chest bombs to progress or to get dragon coins. It was a fun level to play but it does have flaws. First, I feel as if you were to generous with the amount of superball flowers you gave to the player. It made the level way too easy. Another flaw was that at times, the level felt repetitive and in certain areas, the place was just overloaded with enemies. Overall, the level was fun to play but it was repetitive.

Status: 8.5/10

11/21/20 at 11:42 PM

Herobrinesword | 95/100

This was a great train level overall, though it feels strange that it is floating in the sky. This level would have been better if auto-scroll was added to SMC, but I can see that you were working on the restraints of the current update. Also, there are cutoffs on the second layer, which makes sense as the player cannot see them during normal gameplay under the PLAY LEVEL and QUICK PLAY tabs. I am saying this to let one of the future critics know not to rate a level lower because there are cut- offs that are invisible to the player. Besides that (and since you worked with the tools you had at the time), I will give this level a 95% rating and a favorite for obvious reasons.

11/21/20 at 10:41 PM

Plume 4.0 | 90/100

This was a great level so let’s review!

I like the train idea and the level executed it well
The music was good
The boss fight was interesting
I liked how most of dragon coin challenges require you to use the pinball flower
The scenery is alright for a train level

Just a personal opinion I feel it should’ve use some height for more exploration

The level’s gameplay can be repetitive sometimes
Map 1 X:126 (The spike part) can be cheesed by damage boosting yourself.

This was a good level asides from the repetitiveness

Level: 90/100
Difficulty: Easy/Medium (from the boom boom fight)
Score: A Good Level (Gold)
Ranking: A

11/21/20 at 5:54 PM

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