• Description: mario was walking calmly when suddenly falls into a hole

    your mission is to reach the end of the level so help him
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What Others are Saying

firefoxgaming | 100/100

the is nice but there cutoffs easy level and many power ups gets better igames2010

12/02/20 at 6:30 AM

MarioConstructor | 52/100

Okay, this level was pretty meh.
[Gameplay & challenge]
Gameplay was quite boring. Power-ups make this level too very easy. The level can get massively cheesed by flying with raccoon leaf. Challenges are repetitive with goombas and jumping koopas.
[Level design]
Level design is meh... Your level has some crystals as scenery. But your level is lack of scenery. Crystals at (X:129 Y:10) and (X:134 Y:11) are layering issue.

Final Score : 52/100 (Hmm...)
Difficult : Super Easy

*Boring gameplay. (-10)
*Massively cheese with raccoon leaf. (-12)
*Too easy (-10)
*Repetitive enemies (-4)
*Lack of scenery (-10)
*2 Layering issue (-2 , -1 each)

11/23/20 at 10:33 PM

Mlglord289 | 100/100

honestly bad level it's just a bunch of enimies and items not very fun im only doing 100 so i can post this comment

11/23/20 at 6:44 PM

przem1994 | 81/100

OK, this level was good, but there are three flaws:
- It needs cave ceiling (Ceilings are always needed for cave, castle and ghosthouse)
- It needs more scenery
- Bad putting crystal at X122

Overall, It needs more improvements like scenery and cave ceiling. I'll rate down for:

- No cave ceilings (-8)
- No scenery (-8)
- Bad putting crystal at X122 (-3)

You got 81/100 and EASY difficulty.

11/22/20 at 12:08 PM

Banana325 | 85/100

Good level so here we go:
Gameplay: Like your last level, your gameplay was about dodging enemies. Your enemy placement was really good, so that helped your gameplay a lot. There were in my opinion a bit too many powerups though, which made your level too easy at times. Your gameplay never had you jump over a gap ever and that would be a good way to spice things up. I did like the jumps that required full speed though, and it's really the only platforming in your level.
Enemies: 29/20
Challenges: 25/20
Overall: 34/40
Looks: I personally am not bothered by this but some people will bug you about not having a roof in a cave level and I just wanted to let you know. Anyways, I liked your decorations but there were some cutoffs with the ones on the slopes. Other than that, there were no tiling errors I noticed.
Scenery/Decoration: 12/15
Tiling: 14/15
Overall: 26/30
Fun Factor: Your level was fun but not as much as your last one, not much else to say here.
Fun Factor: 25/30
Total: 85/100
Difficulty: Easy

11/22/20 at 10:49 AM

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