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What Others are Saying

Muaz_51 | 76/100

There weren't any challenge, like fuzzies.

01/22/21 at 4:52 AM

MarioConstructor | 35/100

This was a quite bad level.
[Gameplay & challenge]
The gameplay was quite boring because of challenges and cheese. The level is very repetitive with goombas and koopas. The level can get massively cheesed with raccoon leaf. Also you can just go to the left of start point to win a level because of Screen-wrap. Because of cheese and challenges, the level is super easy.
[Level design]
The level design is quite bad. You try to put a mushroom platform in this level, but the level still has no scenery.

Final Score : 35/100 (Bad)
Difficulty : Super Easy

*Boring gameplay (-10)
*No scenery (-20)
*Repetitive enemies (-10)
*Massively cheese (-15)
*Too easy (-10)

11/29/20 at 1:21 AM

KingPig64 | 50/100



-The enemy placement is fine, buuuuut...

-You can walk to the left and reach the goal
-Water prevents death, which is nice. However, it's dangerously close between life and death, all by one tile.

-Did you use only one layer for this? Looks like you did.
-Water is cut off where platforms rise.

Why is everyone calling this level good? I'm starting to grow concerned. 5 out of 10.

11/28/20 at 11:49 AM

firefoxgaming | 100/100

first: is the mushroom make the water not passable second: is so easy you merited 10/100

11/28/20 at 10:44 AM

EpicZeroWorks | 95/100

Is it just me or when I walk to the left, I teleport to the goal?

Anyways kinda challenging but easy.



11/27/20 at 7:50 PM

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