• Description: This one was a little harder to make. Please tell me if there are any cut-offs or if you have any suggestions. Enjoy! Sand Kingdom coming soon!
    Oh and remember to always get the checkpoint next to every Power Moon(Dragon Coin) AFTER getting the moon.
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What Others are Saying

Igames2010 | 100/100

one thing to talk... this music is so EPOK

11/14/21 at 11:47 AM

BoonAndTheRingo | 65/100

Eh.. Decent. The gameplay was kind of bad and the transition from the grassland to retro grass was kinda bad. There is a cutoff where you enter the "8-bit" section and the boss was a little too easy.

Final Score: 65/100
Difficulty: Easy

12/11/20 at 8:34 AM

higgorgao1 | 85/100

Not bad

12/11/20 at 7:39 AM

Nicholas Alberto | 100/100

Nice level. Very cool.

12/10/20 at 4:24 PM

bryanjackson | 100/100

Not a bad level at all! There is one are with some cutoffs that I saw, where the little house is in the first map. Use layer 2, that will help avoid the cutoffs. I really liked the custom music! Great job! 100/100 from me!

12/10/20 at 3:46 PM

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