• Description: Bowser has taken it to far. He made a giant bomb-omb that places skull blocks where ever he walks. To make matter's worse, he taking it to the mushroom kingdom so it can blow and destroy the kingdom. Mario must defeat him before it's too late. Be quick, you only have a minute and forty seconds.
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What Others are Saying

Superawesome3 | 30/100

Dale has the best rate so far, and I agree with him tons. I have not gone to the boss fight, but it is imposable. also, the time is way to low, the ice flower is useless, and loads of other stuff.

12/25/20 at 2:39 AM

mario fan | 100/100

I love it the fast pace and the obstacles and also i just wanna say i play on a chromebook and no lag so i dk what dale was talking about

12/24/20 at 2:03 PM

kowalski | 80/100

Great and unique level design...I enjoyed playing this level ! 8/10

12/24/20 at 12:17 PM

Dale | 30/100

Slowest speed run ever. So much lag for a short timed level.

The boss battle is impossible because with the limited time you have, and the long time between when the boss throws the enemies to hit him with (sometimes over 30 seconds between spawns), you won't get enough hits in before the time runs out. Also, the magic spawn doesn't work on those blocks, the gray brick tiles you used. They don't spawn. However, it does spawn on the pipe and the blocks just before the pipe, and on the things blocking the goal orb. The extensions you get with the secret with the P-switch, and the ones just after the second checkpoint, of course only apply the first time, not if you die after the checkpoint.

Even if you're lucky enough to still have the ice flower powerup when you get to the boss, ice can't kill him, only the fireflower. You can freeze the spawn enemies, but only if they actually spawn. And of course, you'd only get one chance with the ice because you don't keep it if you die. The two 10-second extensions aren't enough. There are two extensions offered: the black 10-second extension, and also a green one that gives you 100.

I don't want to give you a 1, but I could. I'll give you a 30 and extreme for the difficulty.

12/24/20 at 10:49 AM

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