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olicon1000 | 18/100

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02/04/21 at 2:41 PM

JetWing34 | 20/100

Well that level is a MAJOR flop in my brutally honest opinion, and here, I think the whole level is cramped with everything. Also, why ponder wasting all the time and effort on a level so short and so challenging and not pay off on your own end? The scenery is far mediocre than what I think it is. Well, at least I liked some of the challenges, but the first map with the SMB1 bonus map music sounds like a pain to get past if an inexperienced player doesn't know what to do.

I'll pretty much sum this level up as a major flop because there is nothing special in the category of good gameplay and scenery.

I'll rate this level a 20 and MEDIUM difficulty.

12/26/20 at 7:38 AM

Emir55 | 14/100

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12/16/20 at 11:59 AM

Skopler | 20/100

The main issue of this level is its clustered nature. This is inmediately observable in map 1 with all enemies together, and the way the "?" blocks were positionated. So far map 1 can be skipped easily if you know what you are doing, otherwise it turns annoying the more you spend time on it. However, map 2 has to be the most annoying section I've played on any non-troll level. 1) The scenery tiling isn't scenery tiling, and there's no way that you don't know this for the first time you play this level, which causes inmediate deaths. 2) The whole Fake Brick Block aggrupation at 86x (especially at the bottom of the level) which turns to be horribly annoying. and 3) not only you have to worry about these blocks if you decided to get the second yoshi coin, but turns out it's impossible to return to the main path, which translates to being stuck there, so did you add this coin to lure the player? I can assume this isn't a troll level, but it acts like one, and this is why I'm rating low.

At least I think it was creative to have boss gates act like platforms that activate and deactivate upon hitting the On/Off switch, but this idea was briefly explored and it could perfectly have been replaced with normal blue and pink blocks.

12/14/20 at 4:13 PM

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