• Description: A level that shows what Filip expects from each level.
  • Contributors: NESFilipGamer for being the inspiration for this level!
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What Others are Saying

qwertyquop | 60/100

Hi I'm coming here to say that I made a level like this (maybe even better, who knows). Anyways, this site's dying so take this rate. Overall, cool.


04/25/21 at 9:07 PM

Skeleboi 173 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

03/27/21 at 5:46 PM

valterriitsjames77 | 69/100


03/10/21 at 9:04 AM

Migcat48CW | 96/100

Pues a mi tu Nivel me pareció Regular :

(Escenario) (-0) (Pues todo el Escenario esta bien y no veo nada mal con el Escenario)
(Enemigos) (-2) (Pues la verdad hay muy pocos Enemigos y eso como que no me llamó la atención)
(Duración) (-2) (El Nivel es Corto y pues la verdad eso es un poco malo)
(Decoración) (-0) (Esto si me gusto que hayas metido piso dentro del piso me llamo mucho la atención)
(Cosas extra) (-0) (Tu Nivel esta muy lejos de ser Medio y por cierto Disfruta el haber desbloqueado el Level 1 del Achievements On Fire)

Total de Puntos Restados : -4

Perfecto : 96/100

Dificultad : Fácil

(Si Completé El Nivel)

01/18/21 at 2:47 PM

Orangetack | 100/100

I like the inclusion of hammer bros. A filip level wouldn't be complete without a load of them placed in the most inconvenient places.

01/10/21 at 8:57 AM

MarioConstructor | 69/100

Well, this might be the weirdest level I've ever played.
[Gameplay & challenge]
I really have no idea. But oh god! A lot of roofs. This level have some nice challenges. But too bad that this level is too short and hammer bro spam at the end of map 1. Also boring gameplay because the short length and lack of challenges (just 5 challenges...?)..... Okay?
[Level design]
This level has some nice scenery. But..... There is too much roofs, I guess. I want to see a background, not a bunch of roofs!
[The jokes]
I know, this level is a parody of NESFilipGamer's rating system. About roofs in cave/castle/ghost house/sewer/airship/underwater/bonus zone, I don't care if it doesn't have roofs.

Final Score : 69/100 (Okay) (The most cursed tribute level I've ever seen)
Difficulty : Easy

*Boring gameplay (-10)
*Too short (-10)
*Lack of challenges (-10)

Feeling towards the level : (-1), Okay? So this level get 69/100 rating.

Congratulation!!! You got a special rating number from me beucause this level is a funny parody level!

Well, I would auto 69/100 for this level, so don't mind about issue in this level.

Why are you still reading this?

Hi again.....

Good bye.

12/26/20 at 12:38 AM

creator | 69/100

If it has no roof, then it must go kapoof

I like how you actually kinda tried with this level, there are some legit good challenges in here that also make fun of Filip's ridiculous rules lol

you know which score this deserves

12/21/20 at 4:32 PM

Nathan nathan | 69/100

This level might actually be the best (cursed) tribute I've seen. I'll give it a rating of 69/100 for that. You may see this being favorited by me. Well done, Meep (Easy) :3

12/21/20 at 4:20 PM

IggyHopxD | 100/100


12/21/20 at 3:54 PM

BoonAndTheRingo | 69/100


12/21/20 at 3:37 PM

txlu_456 | 69/100

I asked for a compilation video but this is pure gold. Fail Meep you never seem to disappoint.

Lava in a cave (+20)
Drybones in a cave (+20)
Roof (-71)

Rating: 69/100
Difficulty: Easy

12/21/20 at 2:54 PM

NESFilipGamer | 40/100

This is just you making a parody about what I expect in levels, not much to say here, I'll discuss discuss what you added (what I expect in levels), to see if they are true, and then. I will judge the actual level to see how good it is. Let's start:

1. The roof point (Yes, it's true, caves, castles, ghost houses, sewers and bonus zones need roofs), but not that tight, there can still be a lot of space in caves, castles, ghost houses, sewers, as long there is a roof at the top, it can be ok, if the roof all around is just 1 tile height, then that's ok, like this: https://i.imgur.com/J8eFE2R.png.

2. Gameplay (I expect people to add good challenges like the spike ball one, but the 5 hammer bros is just bad and you don't spam them like that, it makes your level bad.).

3. Scenery (Some examples are correct of what I expect, some are not, for example, scenery just spammed next to each other, the same thing, like (Map 1) X:74 Y:0, I do not expect people to do that, yes, I am also guilty of spamming scenery like that aswell, and I will work on it).

Now that I discussed the points that you made, I'll discuss the real level.

The level wasn't too bad, it had two good challenges like the dry bone slope sliding thing and the spike ball challenge. However, there is flaws, to start off, the level was VERY short, it's 74X (1480X), when it should be 200X (4000X) or more. Also, the spammed 5 hammer bros don't look good at (Map 1) X:74 Y:0. Also, Map 2 looks kind of dull to be honest, more scenery needs to be added. Also, the level is too squished and you barely have any space to move.

Short level (-25)
5 Spammed Hammer Bros don't look good (-2)
Map 2 is dull (-3)
Squished level (-10)
Feelings towards the level (-20)

A 40/100 from me, the level is alright for a parody of me. Some points are right, some points are wrong.

Rating: 40/100
Difficulty: Easy

12/21/20 at 2:11 PM

Lyric_TheLegend | 100/100

Not enough roofs

12/21/20 at 2:10 PM

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