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LazorCozmic5 | 85/100

The theme is on point, there's no doubt about it but it doesn't change the fact that the ninji and mole placements get too repetitive, even a bit spammy at certain points, in addition to a few cutoffs. Props to the brilliant platforming, though.

12/27/20 at 4:53 PM

kowalski | 86/100

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12/27/20 at 4:39 PM

Dale | 85/100

Your levels seem to come from the same cookie cutter template, but they still feel fresh. I have to admire that.

The biggest problem of course is the enemy spam, in this level it's too many moles. The boss fight has a nice twist on the usual flying boom boom you use. The indian mario rocks don't bounce in the right places to hit him, and the moving platforms are spaced in a way that only frog mario can use them to get to the top, but if you can, it's easy to just jump on boom boom while he's flying. The fish in the beginning don't matter because you can kill them all before the boss fight starts.

I will give you 85 and hard.

12/27/20 at 4:31 PM

txlu_456 | 87/100

Nice mountain level but unfortunately it suffers from many of the flaws your previous levels have.

Gameplay (Challenges, enemies and bonuses)
First of all there's the usual enemy spam. It looks like you went through the level after designing it and added a ninji every 5-10 tiles. You could remove every single ninji in this level and someone playing for the first time wouldn't notice. No exaggeration. Hiding moles could also be toned down because being the completionist I am, I would get a horde of monty moles chasing after me at points especially at X112-X135. The moving platform challenges got a bit repetitive and some more variations of them like at X240 would've been nice. The dragon coins were place quite well. The boss fight was a generic winged boom boom fight as usual. The jumping cheep cheeps didn't make a difference since they die very quickly especially with the superballs. I don't know why you added wrapping platforms since it's easier to kill him normally and you can cheese the fight by standing on the roof and waiting for him to come by so you can jump off him and back on the roof.

Scenery (Visuals, decorations and cutoffs)
You perfectly captured the theme you were going for and the music (I'm guessing it's from smrpg) was nice too. However there's a cutoff at X235, Y15. Also the corner tiles of the mountain background tiles are cutoff and look bad in my opinion.

Rating: 87/100
Difficulty: Medium

12/27/20 at 2:46 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

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12/27/20 at 1:57 PM

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