• Description: This is the last remade world. World 7 is already made from Super Mario Construct, So there is no need to remake it.

    In World 6-1, The Buzzy Beetles are with BUSTER Beetles.
    Snow Pokeys have been added.
    The Cave section of World 6-2 has expanded.
    The maze in World 6-2 is made to be uncheesable.
    The Snow Ogre does not go up and down, due to lack of auto-scroll
    The Snow Ogre can only bite once.

    You're gonna need that Ice Flower from the Snowman. Why? See for yourselves in World 6-2.
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What Others are Saying

Manbehindthepotatoes | 31/100

I really don't want to be harsh but this level really isn't that great.
The level lacked in decoration
enemies in the cave section blocked the entrance and not getting hit is near impossible
the maze wasn't fun and so as the boss because you can just spam the on/off block
this level has many downsides but i still appreciate it's existence because of your dedicatation to your series
You remade your level and some people don't remake their older courses
im just trying to find a positive in this level and forgive me for this criticism

01/14/21 at 2:34 PM

Super_Constructor29654 | 45/100

Things needed to have improvement and errors to fix. I have to give it a 45/100... You can skip the whole level and spam the On/Off button.

01/10/21 at 12:45 AM

NotSoCubic | 30/100

The level is good overall, but there are many flaws, so let's get into it.

For the first level, it felt a bit short and the snowgoomba decorations in this level kinda felt a bit strange, plus, there is a massive area of nothing with just a few snowy cactus bois.

The second level is bad because when you get to the first pipe, there are just enemies waiting for you inside and it's impossible to dodge them.

The third level was pretty bland, it contained a boss fight, but after hitting the switch about 3 times it just felt boring, so I didn't really enjoy it.

So that's a lot of flaws with the level. Doesn't seem like a good rating now doesn't it?

My rating is: 3/10 (Bad)
There are so many things that need to be improved in this level, would've been like a 7 if I actually had a chance to play the second level.

01/09/21 at 10:48 PM

AnguelTheGaming | 90/100

muy buen nivel, me gusto, lo que no me gusto tanto fue en la parte 2 donde los peces te seguian, y eso me costo

01/09/21 at 9:04 PM

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