• Description: The concept from World 4-2 returns. There's a Power-Up hiding in here to help you. One problem. The key is now guarded by one of the bosses you have previously beaten. Beat him again to get the key. Softlock fixed (for REAL this time!). Now there's even MORE scenery, but not as hard to see as last time.

    Edit: I changed the Invisible Blocks into a spring. This will be the last edit befor the final level.
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What Others are Saying

MarioConstructor | 17/100

This is the final time I'll rerate this level.

So... this level wasn't too short, but the level was poorly executed.
[Gameplay & challenge]
The level looks really boring because of randomness in this level. From what I saw in this level, looks like you tried to make a hard level by put a lot of enemies, but it's not good. Enemy placement in this level is really randomly and repetitive. Then in a second half, you need to fight against a simple Boom Boom in a flat area, which can be cheesed by just lure it to the corner of Map and spam spinjumping on it, also fire flower at checkpoint make Boom Boom fight really super easy to be beaten. After defeating a Boom Boom, you need to do a full backtrack back to the start point with a key, also you can get softlocked if a key was falling into a pit.

Sorry, I saw that you make boss fight a bit harder, but you can still cheese it by lure it to the left corner (it can't be cheesed at the right corner now). Reset warp works now!!!!! At least boss fight isn't too easy, but 6 lives is too much and it make boss fight become repetitive instead, 5 would be the best
[Level design]
There is no any scenery in this level except something like a castle gate at the start of level. But in overall, the level looks super empty with very little to no scenery amount.

Okay, you added a bit more scenery, but yes, it doesn't help so much because you just placed decoration randomly.

Final Score : 17/100 (Very Bad) (Bad)
Difficulty : Easy

*Boring gameplay (-10)
*Repetitive challenges (-10)
*Boss fight cheese (-2)
*Boss fight is too easy (-4)
*Repetitive 6HP boss fight lives (-1)
*Softlock if player lost a key (-2)
*Very little to no scenery (-24) (-22) (-20)

Feeling towards the level : (-40), The level has a really bad enemy placement and everything looks so randomly.

I recommend you to improve a gameplay & challenge in your next level too, since you improve only scenery. Here is an EXAMPLE of what do people in this site call a "Decent scenery". It's not hard to put a good scenery in your level, just spend a little more time on it.

01/15/21 at 1:55 AM

AnguelTheGaming | 1/100

el nivel al principio me gusto, no mucho pero me gusto, pero cuando recogi la llave y fui al inicio no podía pasar ya que donde estaba la esa cosa de metal, no podía llegar ya que el salto lo tienes que hacer con trampolin, o creo que son 2 trampolines, pero esa parte ya no me gusto, ya no lo pude pasar

01/13/21 at 10:55 PM

Christian 45 | 46/100

No. You needed scenery, more detail, and don't put barrier blocks in the middle of no where. I found them on accident trying to make a item jump.

01/13/21 at 7:49 AM

NotSoCubic | 55/100

Pretty sweet level! Some flaws, but overall pretty nice!

It seems a bit random with all the goombas and bombs there. But I have to admit, i died to a fire snake that was so cleverly hidden! I have to give you points for that! However I did run into an unavoidable softlock. (technically not a softlock since you can die.) there is one point in the level that is impossible once you come back from the key side.

The boss at the end was rather easy.

It looked kind of bland ngl, there could've been some variety, but the background is very nice!

Good choice of soundtrack!

Lack of Decoration: -1
Enemy Spam: -0.5
Unavoidable Softlock: -3

Fix the softlock and try to put some pizzazz in the level! Lower the tone of enemies!

[Final Rating]
5.5/10 (Good)
Difficulty: Hard

Yes I know this is a low score but if it wasn't for the softlock I wouldn't have taken away 3 points from the score.

01/12/21 at 9:22 PM

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