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JetWing34 | 95/100

Very nice gameplay and enticing tile placement and scenery are the two key factors that sum up this fantastic sewer level. I tried out this level with a frog suit throughout all of the level, and all of the gameplay was like being a part of a wonderful adventure. I think that the King Boo Battle was a bit disappointing because of the hammer bro advantage, and it makes the tale of the tape one-sided. The way you added the hammer bro suit toward the end of the map and into the boss battle doesn't seem fair, so I wonder why there's not a 1-Up mushroom instead. I agree with LazorCozmic5 that it felt like cheating the boss battle, especially if the stages of the main map consist of using the frog suit. All of the scenery and tile placement, on the other hand was splendid! I noticed that you added the correct scenery tiles and none of these were cut off. Which is nice!

Overall, it is obviously the best darn gameplay for a sewer-themed level, with an experience unlike no other. I will definitely recommend playing this level for sure!

My rate is a 95 and MEDIUM difficulty.

02/06/21 at 7:39 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 93/100

Jheeez, you tryna go for Boss Battle of the Century? lol.

On a serious note though, this was one helluva level, questionable setups at times, but fun nevertheless. Minus the usual repetitive gameplay of course. The scenery was well executed, and very ... sewer. Oh and the boss battle, gotta hand it to you though, I was not expecting the King Boo fight, after all the Boom Boom fights from you. The one thing you should've realized however, was the hammer suit powerup; because ducking down grants immunity to every attack encountered. Almost feels like cheating the level.

01/21/21 at 10:23 PM

Igames2010 | 64/100

it's a meh level

only liked

have a many enemys

background [cool]

challenge [many]

repetitive things [no many]

01/06/21 at 5:21 PM

przem1994 | 100/100

Haunted Sewer is awesome and interesting level. The King Boo boss was creative, awesome scenery, cool challenges and gameplay. The custom music fitted well for haunted sewer theme. Nice work :)

100/100 and HARD difficulty.

01/05/21 at 3:24 AM

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