• Description: 2020 has been a hell of a year, so made this shitpost level to commemorate it lol. Yeah it's a joke level, probably impossible, maybe someone can beat it

    If you're rich and have a lot of money, add a powerup :p
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What Others are Saying

babayaga0504 | 1/100

can this even be considered a level at this point. unsatisfactory overall design and the level is quite literally impossible due to the unwanted enemy spam.

04/10/21 at 12:22 AM

SuperO | 1/100

The level is impossible because speed of fireball is very high and the length is too much.It is not possible to pass by running.auto 1/100

02/11/21 at 8:55 AM

XxunknownxX | 100/100

hi i can answer your question sorry i am new here anyways i can play by searching up super mario flash 3 unblocked games for school there is nothing else that i can play

01/22/21 at 12:38 PM

goldenemerl25 | 50/100

uuuuuuuh, This is Quite Impossible and Lots Of Enemy Spam, But I'll give it a 50/ 100 since This is a Joke Level. With Extreme Difficulty.

01/01/21 at 2:37 AM

mrgameboy | 50/100

This level was not good, but the part were you have to kill the toad to get across that big gap was funny, because of that, I will give this a 50/100

12/31/20 at 10:40 PM

robinarensgamer | 70/100

I don´t agree with wooliestplate, since it´s a joke level, I´m giving out a 70/100 for you! great job! I dare you to rate this level good too!

12/31/20 at 5:54 PM

wooliestplate89 | 20/100

First of all the level looks really ugly, second there no scenery at all, and I hate the fact that you have to murder an innocent toad to get past the gap, and you can't keep yoshi with you.

12/31/20 at 5:33 PM

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