• Description: Please excuse the slight lag
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What Others are Saying

NotSoCubic | 80/100

Wow this was a nice level! I love the theme and the aspect for this level! Maybe put a bit less enemies as it caused lag, but overall fun level! And maybe make the level a bit longer as it felt short.

My rating is:

8/10 (Perfect)

Improvements could be to put less enemies in or to make it longer.

01/09/21 at 1:28 PM

SuperO | 62/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/06/21 at 5:46 PM

Bowser Blum Blum | 69/100

More or less there is a lot of exaggeration of enemies final 69/100

01/05/21 at 11:37 PM

3mmyco0l9 | 85/100

This was an awesome level! But just a few problems...

[Gameplay & Challenge]
The gameplay wasn't smooth because there were too many munchers causing tons of lag. The challenge was just as you put it though.

*Challenge: (-0)
*Gameplay: (-15)
*Total Points Taken Away(Gameplay & Challenge): (-15)

I loved the scenery in this level and there were bushes from other tilesets but it still looked good!

*Decoration: (-0)
*Theme of Decoration: (-0)
*Total Points Taken Away(Scenery): (-0)

Other than the part with the munchers, this level was pretty fun to play! It wasn't too long, nor too short.

*Fun: (-0)
*Total Points Taken Away(Enjoyment): (-0)

[Final Tips]
Don't use too many munchers, or just use spikes.

*Total Score: 85/100

*Difficulty: Medium

01/05/21 at 8:49 PM

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